People Make Me Confused About Marriage…Toolz Says

The Popular on-air-personality, Toolz Oniru, who is currently planning ahead of her marriage, is not happy with those she describes as PHD holders in amebo.

According to her, people who are even yet to get married have been disturbing her with advice on how to manage her home which he does not seems to be comfortable with.

Tolu stressed that rather than people minding their business, they come around trying to create a confusion for her as if they are marriage counselor.

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In her words, “Me when the next person I didn’t ask tries to give me marriage advice! Make sure you do this, make sure you do that! Did I ask you though? Are you a married counselor though? Other than a PhD in Amebo, what other qualifications do you have. Thank you for your unsolicited advice, awon agents of confusion! Common and gerrourahere mehn. Thanks but no thanks, my God has got this.”



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