Policeman shoots woman to death, injures husband in Lagos

A police corporal attached to Isheri-Oshun Division in Lagos, Wednesday night, fired a shot at a moving tricycle along Isheri/ Ijegun road, killing the wife of the operator, Idongesit Ekpo, on the spot.

Doctors at Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH, are however, battling to save the life of the operator, Godwin Ekpo, who was reportedly also hit by a bullet.

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Consequently, visibly angry Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr Fatai Owoseni, has ordered the immediate arrest of members of the team on duty that night.

The arrested team members include Sergeant Benson Ahambo, Corporal Augustine Telenundu, Corporal Onu Samuel and Corporal Musefun Aremu.

DPO queried
Owoseni has also queried the Divisional Police Officer in-charge of the division for allowing his men to operate without a properly labelled Police vehicle.

Information at Vanguard’s disposal had it that the tricycle operator was returning from church with his wife and four children between the ages of 1 and 12 in the tricycle, popularly known as Keke Marwa, when the police corporal flagged him down.

It was also gathered that tricycle operators usually gave the policemen between N50 and N100 in the morning and also at night.

But Ekpo was said to have refused to stop to give the policeman money, arguing that the passengers were his family members.

Eye witnesses alleged that the corporal fired some shots into the moving tricycle, thereby forcing it to a halt. The bullet was said to have shattered Mrs Ekpo’s skull while her husband was hit in the jaw.

At that moment, Ekpo reportedly managed to come down and raised the alarm when he discovered his wife in the pool of her blood.

On noticing the magnitude of his action, the corporal reportedly alerted his team members and they all fled the scene.

CP reacts
Reacting to the incident, the police commissioner said: “The command has quickly responded to the incident.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Operations, Mr Johnson Kokumo, has been with the tricycle operator in the hospital.

‘’We will do everything within our capacity to ensure that the children and their father are well taken care of at the moment.

“In furtherance of the Inspector General of Police’s stance that the Nigeria Police will not encourage or tolerate any act of barbarism, lawlessness, misuse of fire arms, the corporal that is involved has immediately been taken into custody this morning( yesterday) with necessary disciplinary measures completed.

‘’He has been charged for murder and will be taken to court tomorrow (today). The DPO has also been issued a query for disobeying the IGP’s instruction that policemen should go about their duty in properly labelled vehicles and be properly dressed.

‘’We have also extended disciplinary measures on the team leader and other policemen with the corporal.”

Meanwhile, tricycle operators took to the streets yesterday to protest the shooting and excesses of policemen attached to Isheri- Oshun station.

The operators, who called on the Police high command to address the issue before it got out of hand, alleged that policemen from the division used the stretch of that road as haven for extortion.

One of them who simply gave his name as Mukaila, said: “Policemen from Isheri-Oshun Division are making life unbearable for us. We pay N100 in the morning, N50 in the afternoon and N100 at night.

‘’If we fail to give them the money, they will seize your keke and dare us to go and call the CP. That is what they do to Okada riders too.

‘’If you challenge them, they will seize your keke and threaten to shoot you. At times, they will even shoot to put fear into us. It is unfortunate that our colleague’s wife was killed in a reckless manner.”

CP visits scene
The command boss also visited Area ‘M’, command, Idimu, which oversees Isheri-Osun Division and, thereafter, proceeded to Ijegun where the protesters had gathered and appealed to them to be calm, assuring that justice would be done.

A female human rights activist, Chinazo Ifechie, who was among the protesters expressed disdain over the manner the DPO at Isheri-Oshun handled the matter.

She told the CP: “ When I got to the station, the policemen beat me up and seized my phone and camera right in the presence of the DPO. As I speak, my phone is still with them.”

Immediately, the CP left for Isheri-Oshun Division where he addressed the policemen and also ordered the release of the activist’s phone.

A relative of the operator, Elizabeth Iniebong, told Vanguard that her brother, Ekpo, was given the tricycle on hired purchase just last month, after staying at home without a job.

‘’Even the wife just recovered from an ailment. They also packed into the area recently. I don’t know why this is happening to us now,” she lamented.

As at yesterday, the children;,Mary, 12; Blessing, 9; Abraham, 7; and 11-month-old Elijah were at the Area ‘M’ command under police protection.



  1. Arresting policemen who commit serious infractions against civilians is only a palliative measure. There is the need for a complete reform of the police force, starting from recruitment to training and eventual commissioning.

  2. “The team leader and the DPO of Isheri Osun division have also been issued queries for disobeying the IG with regards to policemen performing duties out of uniform, and without a properly-labelled police van.” …Oga CP, what about extorting money from the public? Why no queries for that? Abi you don receive your share of the blood money?

  3. They all receive their share. That’s why the collecting agents on the road can kill any body who wants to prevent him from meeting set target for the day. The problem of the Police is one of the critical issues PMB must look into. The Nigerian police is an undisciplined, robbery institution.

  4. From the onset, people’s interest in joining police or other forces is the free for all extortion that it embraces. so, I dnt know how we can reform the mind of such people.

  5. Nigerian policemen are animals. The recruitment process for this policemen need to be seriously overhauled. And a comprehensive database with biometrics of all these policemen need to be captured.
    At least 4 out of 5 robbery incidents in Nigeria will always policemen as perpetrators either retired or serving. RIP to the deceased.

  6. Even with reforms I do not think the character of our police will change because joining the force is a last resort for msny of them, not as a professional ambition. They are innately evil and have been getting away with murder and robbery for years…the profession needs to attract graduates.

  7. send them all to a year course in any of the force. Navy Police Army Air Force, they graduates and after the year service with the force if they decide to join any of them then they will got through proper scrutiny and join the force with passion and education.

  8. This policemen with calabash belle? Dem go just run go do wetin them they hide under uniform do. Robbery and violent crimes.

  9. Better suggestion. But imagine a student (volunteer) road safety club member holding horsewhip on the road. What will he do when he eventually joins a force? That is Nigeria for u.

  10. This is the time to weed and rid the Nigerian policce of these crop of ogogoro drinking, crack smoking irredeemably uncivilised corrupt personnel

  11. This current Inspector General of Police seems to be deceiving Nigerian that he has stopped road blocks. In Anambra State, they police road blocks have recently resourfaced and they are daring this time around, and pointing guns any how at motorists. Go to Ideani junction, near near Obiaja stream on daily basis they are there extorting money, go to Okacha junction Neni, same thing on daily basis and many other places in the state

  12. The police will never learn. They are one of the most lawless guys in the land. Recently, a damage of N100m was awarded against the police for a woman that died in their custody.

  13. To stop all this killing, is for the whole Nigérians from North to South to declared public disobedience in the whole country.

  14. You are right. Imagine a police driver blowing siren and moving at high speed when actually it was his wife or girlfriend that he was carrying to a nearby evening market.

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