(Episode 10) Choi, my dirty little secrets with my attractive landlord’s daughter

I turned off everything, it was a bit dark but so i opened my curtains. We talked about the movie and if they actually had real sex…..and so on. Our chat digressed to personal sexual experiences, who was our first, who was our best, our craziest spontaneous sex, and so on. I do not know what it is with cold weathers and sex because with that discussion going on, i knew that i definitely had to bang her. So i hanged the topic and boldly asked her if she’ld slap me if i kissed her. She looked at me and smiled, then replied “maybe”.

I got up and went to her, sat down beside her and hesitated a little when she looked me straight in the eye. I decided that if she did slap me and fell my hand, e no go be the first time. So i kissed her and the way she kissed me back settled my doubts.

I pulled her towel down a bit and fondled her breasts. She kissed me some more. I took my hand all the way down but she stopped me when i got to her belly and held my hand steady. I moved my head from her lips to her breasts and she sighed softly as i took a nipple in between my teeth and nibbled softly.

Then i sucked it like a breastfeeding baby, she put her hands around me and unintentionally freed my imprisoned hand. I immediately moved the hand further down and shifted her pant to one side, then fingered her wet  *cookies and caressed her clit. She closed her legs and imprisoned the hand there…well it’s safer there shaa.

I dug two fingers in and fingered her a little but she suddenly pushed me away. Surprised, confused but undeterred, i came at her again and grapped her breasts with a little force and sucked it fiercely. It seemed to weaken her early resolve and she welcomed the act, rewarding it by totally  removing her towel.

Now she’s stark naked. I took off my shirt, shorts and boxers. She grabbed my d*ck on her hand and the sound “ooww” escaped her lips softly. Final Part I made to slide it inside her but she redirected it, bent her head and sucked my d*ck. She didn’t just suck it, she licked it with her tongue. Teasing the cap round, then put a spit shine on it and gave my shaft a handjob while the cap belonged in her mouth. She had such experience, she’d perfected the art. I lost count of time. I came to myself a bit and pulled her off, sat her down and made to penetrate her but she refused saying “you’re banging my sister. you can’t bang me too”. Shooo.. see me see trouble. Is that an excuse? I hope my labour will not be in vain ( i said to myself)

…. Stay tuned to Episode 11

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