(Episode 9) Choi, my dirty little secrets with my attractive landlord’s daughter

She burst into laughter and asked ….“na new thing?” I told her that seeing mine is a new thing. Then she said “Joy dey try oo. na this big thing you cari dey bang am?”. I replied “see as you dey talk like innocenta. you fit dey swallow one wey big pass my own sef”. She replied that she hasn’t. We were teasing each other when PHCN blessed us so i left her in the bedroom, went into the sitting room and turned on the news channel. When she was done, she left and we didn’t speak of what she saw again.

Time passed. Days turned to weeks. On one unforgettable Saturday, around 4 pm, it started raining heavily. I was at home when she knocked on my door, i let her in. She was drenched all over, she complained that her younger brother had left with the keys to the house. I welcomed her, gave her a towel (cos i had no wrapper) to change into, made a hot tea for her and we sat in the sitting room chatting. Luckily, PHCN brought the light and i turned on the television but because of the cloudy weather, no signal connection was found.

So i turned on my DVD forgetting that Zane’s sex chronicles had been playing and it’s on auto-play. Immediately the movie started, i felt like disappearing. Out of guilt, i started explaining to her that it’s a series movie about a group of friends…..blah….blah…..blah. Then told her that i could change it if she wants me to. She looked at me and with a little laughter, said “i’m not 12 years old you know”. I said okay and we watched it. We were on an interesting part of the second episode when the sex action was about to kick off then the nonsense PHCN took their light…..well with what happened later, they’re definitely not a nonsense PHCN. lol (please don’t laugh oo). The house was quiet for few seconds. Should i make a move or not? My heart skipped and almost let out of my spirit. I said to myself what if i make the first move and she gives me the dirtiest slap instead?

…. Stay tuned to Episode 10

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  1. she won’t accept your proposal. she knows you are doing it with her younger sister. Don’t waste your time my Dear

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