(Episode 5) Help! I’m drunk in love with my new Step-Mom, Susan, a Sweet lady of 25year old

I thought she would have resisted my play but to my surprise she gave me a slow kiss and held me from the back as her eyes were closed. I kept playing with her ass and breast. She could only make a sound like that of a rifting wave. I found my way to locate her pussy but was soo sad to find out she had a pad on. She opened her eyes and smiled a little. I smiled back but it was just a smile of anger.

I turned back to bed few minutes later. I woke lilian up around 4:30am and told her I would see her in the afternoon after lectures. I rushed to Johnbull’s room after.

I rushed to Johnbull’s room after. He was already awake playing FIFA game on his laptop.

Me: boy good morning. Whatsapp.

Johnbull: chaaiii I dey ooo. You enjoyed Yesty with that girl. I can see from your face.

Me: nothing better oo…I no chop her.

I pluged on my phone to charge because it was off the whole of the previous evening after I called Lilian to meet me.

I jumped onto Johnbull’s bed to have a little sleep cos I spent most of my time in the night touching Lillian’s boobs and butt.

I slept till 10:17am. I picked up my phone and realized I have nine missed calls. Three from my father, one from my sis and five from Susan. I tried calling my dad but his phone was off so I called Susan instead.

I could see her phone beeped once and she picked…

Susan: good morning Albert. Where have you been.

Me: (lied) I was at lectures and i left the phone in the room.

Susan: ok, but have you called your dad? I guess you missed his calls too.

Me: yea I have tried calling but his phone is off. Anything the problem.

Susan: no..he is on his way to Abuja for some board meeting. He will be back on Sunday. He left some money here for you but I will bring it to you around 4:00pm when am less busy in the house.

Me: ok…thank you.

I shouted out for Johnbull. He was in the washroom. As soon as he came out I told him Susan will visit me today. He asked about her business and I told him she is bringing me money.

Johnbull stood for a while and said we could do something when she arrives.

I asked about the plan and he said we should try to sedate her with a drug when she comes. He asked if I have some money on me which I replied yes. He then said we should go to the pharmacy and buy some drugs. The names of the drugs were sleeptozol and sexycine. He said the sleeptozol induces sleepiness while the sexycines makes one to feel honey just 3 minutes after taken it.

We drove to Ikenna-pharma around our Campus hostel where we got the exact drugs. As we were returning to campus, Johnbull bought a Don Simon drink. I asked what the drink was for and he told me he will put the drugs in the drink.

Me: boy are you sure we are doing the right thing.

Johnbull: fool, just keep quiet and watch. Why do you think I have been sleeping with most of the girls in my class? If I try you in good ways and you reject me I try the other way.

I was not feeling alright but the appearance of Susan once I pictured her in my mind made me second to anything Johnbull said.

As we finally got to the room Johnbull mixed the two drugs with water in a small glass. He brought out a new syringe. He carefully mixed the drugs till it was a complete solution.

He drew the solution of the drugs with the syringe and injected it into the Don Simon drink without necessarily opening it.

He did that till the drug solution got finished. He then put the drink in his fridge.

We are done for now, pray Susan comes as she promised Johnbull said. I knew everything was going to work out as planned. I trust Johnbull when it comes to luring and fucking women.

The more I thought about how crazy I would fuck Susan ones she finally take the drink the more I keep erecting.

I was having lectures from 2:30- 4:30pm so I left the room around 2:20pm. From the start if the lecture till 4:00pm, I never could remember a single word the lecturer said. My mind was only cast back to Susan. I was waiting for her call but she did not. I was disappointed when we closed around 4:25 and she had not called cos she told me she will drop on campus around 4:00pm.

I got to the room and met Johnbull. I looked so disappointed. I didn’t want to call her too. I sat on the bed and started playing ‘ temple run’ game on my phone. It was almost 5:11pm and she never called.

Two minutes later I heard my phone ring. I rushed out to get it and luckily for me it was Susan .

Susan: sorry am late. I was preparing some food in the house. Am in front of your hall gate so please rush to meet me. It’s almost late.

I quickly informed Johnbull that Susan is around and he told me to go out and meet her alone. He also told me he is leaving the room and that I should make sure she takes the drink.

I rushed to meet Susan. She was in her sexy yellow straight dress. We walked straight to Johnbull’s room. I offered her a seat…

Me: thanks for coming..hmm

Susan: I thought you never want to set eye on me again for what happened.

I held her hand and told her I still love her but she never talked.

Me: oooo I didn’t offer you a drink. Some Don simon . ( I brought it out of the fridge and served her with a disposable cup).

Susan: (staring at me) thanks. She filled the cup with the drink but never tasted it.

My dick was growing and pushing up my pant. The speed at which it was coiling in my pant drove Susan’s attention. She looked to that direction but pretended she never saw my dick in motion.

We were having a series of chats. What I was just praying for was for Susan to start drinking the don simon.

Finally, she lifted up the cup of drink. As she was about to take it, her phone rang and she dropped the cup to pick the call…

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