(Episode 10) Help! I’m drunk in love with my new Step-Mom, Susan, a Sweet lady of 25year old

Tears flowed from my eyes like the Niger waterfall. I felt the coldness of my tears like the ojiri desert. I now know the secrete of my Dad’s riches though he is into banking. I was so sad to hear my Dad killed my mum.

It was really too much for me to handle at the time. JohnBull comforted me and instructed I don’t show up any silly behavior in the house to call my Dad’s attention.

We paid the Malam and left. How to handle what I have discovered about my dad with my ears only was my problem. Shortly before we got to campus my dad called. He reminded me of his birthday on Monday and asked I come home right away. He was back from his business trip.

He told me our family friend Christy, his secretary and most of his friends will be around tomorrow to celebrate with us.

I was frightened to hear that because I knew Christy might tell my dad he saw Susan and I in private Inn. I was shaken. I wanted to call Christy and plead he never tell my dad about what he saw but I thought that could even worsen the situation.

I told JohnBull to plan on how I can either get my money or fuck that silly girl Lilian while i stepped down to drive to the house. I got home some 27minutes later. My dad was seated in the living room with Susan. They were having a chat. I greeted them and went straight to my room. My heart wet immediately I set eye on my dad. I nearly drop tears as I walked pass to my room. I was asking myself if my dad really killed my mum for money as the Malam said.

I never ate that evening. Something in me was telling me to tell my sis about what our dad was up to but I knew girls and their mouth could land us into big trouble.

Later that night around 9:21pm Lilian called. I was crazy when I saw her call. She just reminded me of her phone she told me earlier to buy. I had wanted to rain insults on her but thought JohnBull had a plan so should stay low for her.

I woke early Monday morning to do some general cleaning with my sis. We didn’t go for lectures. We were making sure the house was put in order. The ceremony was to start around 5:00pm.

Just as I finished the house chores JohnBull called on phone…

JohnBull: hey man, I think I have got an idea on how to work on that girl, Lilian.

Me: What is the plan.

JohnBull: Am thinking you should invite her to your Dad’s birthday. We can get her drunk. Then you can do what you want to do with her.

Me: what of if she don’t take a hard drink in case she comes.

JohnBull: boy, I will be there myself so that is not a problem.

I picked up my phone and called Lilian inviting her to our house around 4:30pm for my Dad’s birthday. Lilian promised she will love to come but will come with her friend comfort. I told her am ok with that.

All was finally set. 5:00pm was approaching and most of my Dad’s friends were coming to the house in their big cars. It was getting to 6:00pm, the birthday cake was getting closed to be cut but Christy was not in. I was happy to notice she was absent. Susan was sitting just on the right side of my dad.

Shortly a Toyota Camry entered the house. I was wondering who that could be only to see Christy coming out of the car. My legs started shivering.

My phone rung suddenly. it was lilian. She told me she was at the T- junction so I should come to collect her and comfort. Just as I got out from the gate I met JohnBull. We went to the junction together to meet the girls. In just 2minute we got to the house.

My dad was to cut the cake. Christy was the one who held his hand as we slowly sung the “happy birthday” song. It was really a merry. Everyone was perfectly served with wine as we toast to my Dad’s success. Actually I was not happy about the whole event. I asked Lilian and comfort what they will drink after. Lilian requested for Smirnoff while comfort asked for Guinness. I excused them for the drinks they requested and JohnBull followed me to the store room where the drinks were. He was having some ‘original inducer’ in his pocket . He took two Smirnoff out, opened one and added the ‘inducer’ (100% alcoholic but flavoured). He closed it after but the head was not tight. I took two Guinness out for comfort.

As we got to their table JohnBull deliberately opened the adulterated Smirnoff for Lilian without asking her. JohnBull was enjoying club while I hook on to one malt. We all started a chat while taking the drinks.

I turned to my Dad’s table only to see madam Christy and my father chatting. Susan was not sitting by him. I could see Christy pointing finger towards my direction. I thought the woman was gossiping. I panicked. I was thinking what next was going to happen in the house ones the celebration is over .

Later on Susan joined my dad at his table. Few minutes later maa Christy held susan’s hands and walked with her towards my table. She called me to see her for a second which I did. I almost drop a urine in my trousers..

….. Stay tuned to Episode 11

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