(Episode 8) Help! I’m drunk in love with my new Step-Mom, Susan, a Sweet lady of 25year old

From that point I thought of shooting my dad once I set eye on him…

JohnBull asked me if we will still go to the Malam on Saturday. I sat for a while before given him a response. I told JohnBull we will be going but this time there will be a change in our reason of seeing the Malam.

I told him we should ask the Malam to change my father’s mind from loving Susan so at the long run the two can divorce. Once they are no more couples Susan might not hesitate to going out with me. JohnBull agreed to that but said we should go on Sunday instead since the Malam will be less busy on that day.

It was almost 30min past the eight o’clock. JohnBull and I were playing soccer game on his laptop when I heard my phone ringing. It was Lilian on the line.

Lilian: hey, u didn’t call back. You beginning to bore me.

Me: sorry sweet, was kind of busy the whole day. Just got to campus.

Lilian: Ok I hear dear. Lest I forget, I gonna need some dress for my friend’s birthday on Monday. Hope you will help for that. Am in my free period now to so you can come over Moro (she giggled).

Me: don’t worry we will go to the boutique Moro.

Okk, since its your free period I hope you better prepare well to meet me (I smile back and hanged off).

Early that morning the first call I received was from Lilian asking me of the time for the shopping which I told her we will go around 10am. Just around 9:30pm JohnBull and I went to Commonwealth Hall restaurant to have some coffee for breakfast before I called back Lilian to meet me at their car park.

I met her later on and we drove off to “All star boutique’ located around Ikoyi street. As we entered the boutique I sat on one of their chairs as Lilian moved round to check on her dress. I was only praying this girl don’t pick something I might not be able to pay though I knew she will pay back at night with hot sex.

Likely for me Lilian came back with a dress and a pair of heels that cost N50k only. At least i had almost N80K on me. We drove back to campus. I told her I will visit her around 9:00pm.

Just as I was about to start the engine I saw a call coming from Susan.

Susan: Hey I waited for your call.

Me: yea I called but your phone was off.

Susan: OK…please I have something to show you. Can we meet at a place a little farther from town?

Me:(very curious) OK let’s meet at ‘visitors inn’. Its around Gbagada. But what time do you want us to meet?

Susan: Around 2pm. Yours sis is around if not we could have talk in the house.


I left for JohnBull’s room having multiple of thoughts running through my mind. I never talked about this with JohnBull. I decided to sleep for a while only to wake around 2:18pm. I had a missed call and a message from Susan prompting me she had already taken a taxi to Gbagada so will be waiting for me at the Visitors Inn. I rushed to have a shower before driving there. It took me almost an hour because of the traffic.

Susan was seated just close to the entrance. She had already ordered some Smirnoff ice for herself.

I gave out a very deep breath as I saw her.

Me: (sitting on the other seat). Good afternoon. Am curious and frightened about this invite. What could the invitation here be about.

Susan: (dropping a passport sized picture on the table) Do you know this girl in the picture.

Me: (surprise) that’s Anna Bennedict. My primary six girl friend.

I heard she is even dead. Why showing me this pic. Is it the reason for us being here.

Susan: Do u still love her.

Me: I did loved her till she left the school before hearing she pass out (die).

Susan: (stared at me) I just can’t say it anymore.

Me: (flashing back memory upon seeing the slight dark mark on the neck of Anna Bennedict back in primary school on Susan’s neck) i looked at Susan with shock, so you not dead. Where did you get Susan as part of your name. You could have tell my dad we have dated before once you entered our home and saw me( I exclaimed angrily).

Susan: I noticed you not just by your name when I entered your father’s house but by your appearance. You have not changed much. I decided to adopt a Christian name Susan before writing my GCE. I fell for you on the first day we met in the house but am now your dads wife (Susan held my hands and drop tears).

I was sad and felt my dad had caused a lot harm to me. I understood whatever has happened is not Susan’s fault. I could read from her eyes she truly loves me. I raised Susan’s hand and gave her a light kiss on her cheek.

Before I could turn back to my seat a voiced called out my name…Albert ..

I turned back to see it was Christy, my father’s secretary. She just greeted and left.

I was shocked and started thinking of what she will tell my father afterwards. Oh my God! That’s my father’s Secretary that saw us together now. What do i do?

…. Stay tuned to Episode 9

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  1. The two are madly in love now. How will they manage the relationship without letting the father to know this? Anyways, let me see how it ends.. next oooo ??? lol

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