Saraki Is A British Citizen, But His Passport Passed Around The Internet Is Fake – UK Authority

The authorities in UK have now confirmed that the purported UK passport of Senate President Bukola Saraki, that was published online a few months ago was forged.

Her Majesty Passport Office confirmed this after Saraki’s lawyer, Andrew Stephenson of Discreet Law, London, inquired how a media house could get hold of someone’s passport.

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The UK authorities admitted that Saraki holds a valid British passport by virtue of being born in the country but the passport passed around is fake.

“I can further confirm that the number on the copy of the passport you supplied (marked 2 by yourselves) does not relate to Mr. Saraki,” the letter to Saraki’s lawyer, which was sent to Premium Times, stated.



  1. In countries where leaders value their reputation and the effect of their actions on the image of the nation, this man would have resigned by now.But in naija, warrahell?? Even if they have a million corruption allegations against them, they’ll still seat their and fight with Nigerian money.

  2. Some people sleep thinking about Saraki, wake up thinking about Saraki. That is how they will die thinking about Saraki, fools. Saraki is unstoppable, APC or whoever that thinks that Saraki will surrender is making a big mistake. Saraki is god-father in his own right, therefore no other god-father can intimidate him. They will try, but will fail and fall like empty carton.

  3. Saraki don hear am.tinubu,buhari and co i dey hall una for all this change hahaha freeborn dude don laugh in spanish.
    The fall of saraki,tinubu,atiku and co are at hand.

  4. Na them sabi. All this wouldn’t take them to heaven. At the end of the day, it’s all a waste of time. Rapture day should just do n come jare.

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