I Do Not Want To Be Referred To As A Nollywood Actor– Dele Odule Explains

The popular Nigerian actor, Dele Odule was in Detroit, Michigan recently, where a popular online news outfit caught up with him and had him interviewed.

He spoke about a range of topics as it relates to his profession, the Nigerian Music Industry and his plans for the future. He claimed he does not want to be referred to as a Nollywood Movie star in the interview.

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According to him:

I don’t see myself as a Nollywood artist, I am just a Yoruba Actor from Nigeria. If we must copy the “Wood” we must do it correctly. Bollywood is in Bombay, Hollywood is in California, there is need for me to know where Nollywood is in Nigeria and that is why i don’t see myself as a Nollywood actor. If we need to adopt that name and make it a generic name for all actors in Nigeria, there is need to know why we have adopted it.



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