My wife and I wanted to stay away for 12 months – Jonathan says

While commiserating with the Awolowo’s on the death of Chief H.I.D Awolowo, former President Jonathan said but for the death of the wife of late Sage Obafemi Awolowo, himself and his wife had chosen to stay away from the public for the next 12 months.

While speaking at the Awolowo’s home in Ikenne Ogun state yesterday September 23rd, Jonathan said they had to come out to condole with the Awolowo’s because of the late Mrs Awolowo was a rare mother.

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“Ordinarily, we wouldn’t have been mourning but mama was a rare mother.

She was a woman of virtue described in the Bible and she was a mother to all of us; a mother whose milk of kindness we still need, her milk of encouragement we still need, her milk of advice we still need and today she’s no more with us.

We, just like the immediate children, and indeed this country, have missed her.

Within this period, myself and my wife have been hiding; we don’t even go out. We thought we’ll be hiding for at least twelve months.

But in this particular case, we cannot hide. So, we have come for the condolence and to encourage our brothers and sisters that we are together.

God brought her for all of us. She just had to be the direct mother of few but she’s a mother to all. We shall mourn more than even the direct children would.”he said



  1. Jonathan always picks the wrong words to use. Why hiding? Who is he hiding from? Why does he need to hide? Did he steal money that he’s hiding?

  2. Trying to remain discreet and not meddle in the affairs of the current government before they accuse him of wanting to steal their shine.
    Way to go my amiable president.
    I miss you though.

  3. They should go back to their home and keep enjoying their lives b4 the witch hunters locate them. as they ve just located Saraki.

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