APC Party should not break – Doyin Okupe, Ex Adviser to Jonathan

Ex-senior special adviser to Goodluck Jonathan, on public affairs, Doyin Okupe has stated that he does not want the ruling political party in Nigeria, the All Progressives Congress to break up anymore.

Okupe who once predicted the collapse of the APC shortly after it was formed has changed gear, noting that, a break up of the party is not in the interest of Nigerians.

He took to Facebook to react to the recent sequence of drama that trailed the corruption charge filed against Senate President, Bukola Saraki, by the Code of Conduct Bureau. He said although he is not a supporter of Saraki, he is neither a detractor.

See Excerpts:

To ordinary watchers of Nigerian politics, the on going ordeal of the Senate President, Dr saraki may be an interesting soap opera.But to more discerning minds it is nothing short of a tragic comedy.

Over the years Nigerian politicians fail over and over again to convince anybody that they actually learnt anything from our checkered political history. This is why we have had many Republics in our national history.

Winston Churchill said ” failure to act when action would have been simple and effective, lack of good reasoning, and confusion of counsel, all these lead to endless repetition of history.”

I am personally not a supporter of Dr Saraki and for good reason. He spearheaded the demolition of the pdp and the eventual catastrophic electoral misfortune of the Goodluck Jonathan ‘s Presidency.

Neither am I a detractor of the Senate President. However as a veteran politician I accept that all is fair in love and in war and as they say the end justifies the means.

But what is currently going on is ominous and dangerous and will require Wisdom and extreme tact from all the dramatis personnel.

I did in the past predict that the APC will break up, but that was before the APC formed the government. Now that they are in government, it is not in my interest or that of any reasonable or patriotic Nigerian to wish that they break up.



  1. Doyin okupe is of the peoples Democratic Party and not having any regrets about making an election which is suppose to be a game a personal attack on someone’s image and character actually shows what the PDP stands for and represents – the image of the PDP can’t be better seen than from the spokes man of the president – Doyin, you are not a leader in any way, you may have certificates but you are a big illiterate

  2. Why should you have any regrets for abusing Buhari when infact you don’t have any regrets asking to be called a BASTARD? Even though we never knew before that you are a BASTARD!

  3. Dont worry bastard Okupe, you will soon regret abusing the President-elect GMB. Do not be too over confident becouse, your plan B of refusing to hand over on 29 May 2015 will not work. That i can confidently asure you.

  4. Dr Okupe made sense. Top on the list of the ignorant who seem drunk in that orgy of electioneering victory is Premium Times. A media house that presents news reports of the so called victory as though it was a case of 15m votes against 3m votes. It is mumuist to try to educate Bokohari on the difference between his 15m votes and Dr Jonathan;s 12.7m votes. Why? Explaining such figures to one with an F9 in mathematics can only be futile.

    But the insults have just begun. Dr Jonathan absorbed the insults right from Musa Yar’adua’s days when he was VP. Therefore Duncee must brace up for insults, physical & spiritual. Period!

  5. Mr. DOYIN OKUPE I am sorry that I am not in Nigeria now when ever that I come to Nigeria I will be happy to come and see you I was with Lawyer Fawemi (RIP) & many of the people like you, this not new to me, and may (GOD) give us long life many of the people that sell their birth right because they want to buy JETS are going to regret. I will see you very soon

  6. You will soon get to his age too. Someone less than you current age is already waiting to also abuse you without regrets too. Luckily for your future abuser, it will be easier because in your own case you are well known for no pinch of good reputation.

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