1. Nigerians too slow mehn ? Dbanj music career nah package. This guys only putting out music to stay relevant so the endorsement can keep coming. Like he said KOLEYEWON.

  2. D’banj has had endorsement deals with Chris Aire, UAC Foods, Virgin Colour, Power Fist, Bank of Industry, Ciroc, Globacom, Apple, heritage bank, one campaign and now SLOT…#LIVINGLEGEND

  3. D’bang along on this song,it would be a no-no for me. Akon is disgustingly talented and the true definition of versatility. I think it’s hard time Akon do the Afro-Beat thing officially,coz n**ga be killing em beats lately,he should be arrested for murder.

  4. I think people should be talking about the music that was posted instead talking about endorsements. D’banj or any other musician in Nigeria would like to be remembered for the music they made and not the number of endorsements they were able to sign. The likes of Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Whitney, Michael Jackson, etc. are remembered and more popular today because of the music they made.

  5. haaaa akon has finally woke up the sleeping whitelion from slumber as if feeling the ***** wasn’t enough and now frosh, this is smashing damn ! pls don’t tell us nonsense this is a certify BANGER. i will like to see akon and bangalee release an album cos akon bring out the best in dbanj

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