Buhari’s Ministerial List: Falana qualified – WAATVAIT group

A human rights group, World Alliance Against Terrorism, Violence And Inhuman Treatment, WAATVAIT, has disagreed with those they identified as disgruntled elements who wrote a petition to President Muhammadu Buhari, against Femi Falana (SAN) in a bid to undermine and discredit him, and frustrate his appointment as a minister.

WAATVAIT said that Falana remained a distinguished and respectable human right activist with incorruptible and dogged character in his private and public life.

In a communique issued after their extraordinary emergency meeting yesterday, WAATVAIT said: “Falana, as a distinguished and respectable member of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, has contributed immensely towards re-engineering of our country as postulated in his law books and publications.”



  1. But FFK deserves to? Or Omisore? Falana a Great Ife alumnus learnt from the very best, started with the very best, Gani Fawehinmi, associate with the very best! Ask the military ranks and fil for instance

  2. Will APC give their ministerial positions to PDP? They won the elections and they can give their ministerial positions to any Nigerian so long as they keep to federal character.

  3. I am shocked that you are this deranged. You must at best be one of those losers.
    You said he is an agent of APC, can that be your reason for not supporting that he should be made minister. APC government is giving APC agent appointments, what is your frustration there if the agents are eminently qualified.

  4. Femi falana should be rewarded by this ministerial appointment for the assistance he gave APC in the last elections campaign. He is a very good party man and should be rewarded. As for being a human right activist, i dont think he is exactly one, he is just a business man using his human rights show to attract attention and market himself and his trade.

  5. Those enemies of progress writing malicious petition against a extraordinary and widely acclaimed personality of Falana’s calibre are merely afraid of themselves of their close associates being exposed by Falana for corruption
    Falana remains a pride and role model for other up coming lawyers the world over

  6. I beg leave them, they will all be put to shame. in 16yrs refinery cannot work, but under 4months with no minister yet, our refinery are working, petrol now sell for 87 naira, for 6yrs no kerosene, now kerosene are selling N50 in lagos, yet they cannot see anything, marginal improvement in security, light. it better they remain blind.

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