Shame: Man impregnates elder Sister in Lagos at..

A 24-year-old man has impregnated his elder sister, 25, in Ajegunle area of Lagos State.

Their father popularly known as Papa Akpan is a steward in Ikoyi area while his wife, Mama Akpan is a staff of a private company in Apapa where she works as a cleaner.

Sources said the parents usually leave their children, Akpan and Ime alone in their one-room apartment when going to work and the siblings are said to be fond of each other but nobody suspected an amorous relationship between them.

Newsmen gathered that when their mother suspected that Ime was pregnant, she asked her but she denied one month later, it became obvious that Ime was pregnant and the woman had to tell her husband about the situation.

Last Friday, at about 4am, Papa Akpan was said to have woken Ime, her mother and Akpan up to discuss the issue and had pulled out a machete and threatened to cut Ime down if she failed to say who was responsible for her pregnancy.

A neighbour said as the atmosphere in the room became charged, Akpan ran out and it was at this point that Ime who was by this time weeping profusely, told her parents that her younger brother was responsible for the pregnancy.


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  1. Well, this is the effect of dog meat; they consumed so much stray dogs in that family and now behave like dogs. You are what you eat. Lol

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