(Episode 3) My Sexcapades after NYSC where i ate, drank and smoked women like Garri

“I used my last rubber yesterday, I don’t have any left” I explained nervously. She scoffed and hissed.

“mtcheew is that the reason you are panicking like a kid?, relax jor, I’m no little girl, I can take care of myself” she assured me with a naughty smile. I swallowed hard and breathed deeply, the temptation was so strong, my body weak and willing. I had no choice than to accept her pledge and yield.

Without another word she pulled up her waist, lowered her hot inviting kitty over my naughty joystick and rode me slowly. Her huge ass was all mine as i fondled and caressed with pleasure, licking my lips like a nursery school pupil. Her ass was nothing but a bag of temptation. The shape and softness could make a pastor cast devil unto himself.

With two hands on my chest she drew up her waist midway, lowered it slowly and drew it up again, this she did rhythmically sending my brain crashing with great pleasure. I soon began quoting songs of Solomon like a prophet.

“damn I was on fire as I enjoyed the early morning holanda milk, turning my head to and fro like a hungry giraffe. She soon lowered her chest, sending her left giant bosom into my open mouth. I sucked the tit hungrily, my mouth making annoying sounds as she fed me like a child. My joystick fired on, so was her punny which sprayed kitty juice all over my groin, singing yippee! Yippee yippee!, as it brushed my stick. Within six minutes, I released hot seed into her with great force. She collasped on me, while I breathed heavily.

Later in my morning when my eyes cleared, I regretted all I did, but Mary wasn’t in any way bothered. She really was full of excitement, did all my laundry and even cooked for me before leaving, surprising me further with her behaviour, which instead of making me pleased with her, got me more suspicious and worried. But my greatest surprise however came on Sunday {church service}, when she climbed the pulpit during testimony time to give her own testimony. According to her, “God has answered her prayers of two years in a big way”, “Don’t ever give up or be dismayed, it might take time, but God won’t abandon you” she advised the congregation. I was stunned.

There is nothing as painful as being beaten, pinned or caught in your own game. I couldn’t believe my new prey would be bold enough to announce our outrageous affair to the congregation.

Of course she never mentioned my name, but it wasn’t enough to prevent most of the female church members from throwing unguarded stares at me as if they all knew about us. The rest of the congregation simply followed her eyes which were well fixed on me as she talked, clapping and nodding in approval to all she said.

“I came to this church hopeless, helpless and lost. But the Lord wiped away my tears, dragged me up and consoled me with a perfect gift. A real man. I won’t mention his name for now, because our Daddy, our great pastor is yet to sanction our union, which hopefully he will do today. This is God’s church. My dear sisters your time of happiness is at hand. Never cease praying” she happily poured out. Ending her speech with a very touching song which lit the whole church aflame with cries and prayers. They were all happy for her.

I knew I had to leave the church for good before I become the biblical Saul who was converted on his way to commit more crime against christians. I truly wasn’t ready to turn a new leaf. Supposing I were, the big mouthed Mary wouldn’t even fall in my 40th choice.

At the end of church service. I quickly ran out of the church premises with Jboy {my accomplice}.

“o boy, e be like your hook caught wrong fish ooo” he asked seriously as we rushed to my car.

“my guy e worst than you think. Na d fish swallow me and the hook” I murmured, shaking my head and breathing deeply. “don’t worry I have a plan” he assured me, stopping and facing me with a serious look. But before he could say another word, one of the church ushers rushed up to us.

“excuse me sir. Our pastor is waiting for you at his office. Sister Mary is there already” he announced seriously.

…. Stay tuned to Episode 4

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  1. Na you cause am, y do u toast elderly sis, where as there are many young ladies in that church. so don’t blame sis mary @ all

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