Nigerian Army Exposes Big Men Plotting To Prolong Boko Haram

The Nigerian Army has raised the alarm over plans by “some highly-placed individuals” in the North East, particularly Borno State, to sabotage military operations in the region.

“The Nigerian Army wishes to inform the public and send a very strong and serious final warning to some prominent individuals and political groups who hailed from Borno State in particular and North East generally, that there is information of plans by some highly placed individuals and political groups to undermine and scuttle the fight against terrorism and insurgency in this country.

“The unscrupulous individuals and their cohorts were determined to reverse the gains made and scuttle our efforts of achieving the Presidential directive to defeat Boko Haram terrorists within 3 months.

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They are enlisting the services of some Non-Governmental Organizations in this grand design…
“It has come to our knowledge that they were employing every means to see that the operation does not succeed in order for them to continue to enjoy certain benefits.

“It has been revealed that they are employing the services of marabouts and other unethical means in order to frustrate our efforts and the operations in addition to campaign of calumny.

“We are aware of their clandestine meetings and other diabolical efforts to achieve their nefarious aims. This would not be tolerated.

“Therefore, such individuals and groups should be warned in unmistakable terms that anyone found would be dealt with accordingly.

“People should place the interest of the nation above any personal gain or ambition. The continued lost of lives and property in this country through terrorists activities does not one any good.”

A statement released by the army spokesman, Sani Usman, said the elite were bent on having the activities of the Boko Haram terrorists prolonged for their selfish interests.

I wonder why some people are just heartless. What will they benefit if Boko Haram continue to kill?



  1. Big men no get name?
    we are not interested in the loud empty talk of APC as more Nigerians are killed.
    ARREST or KILL them and stop telling us stories.

  2. These people you labelling as “big men” are small and fry men. They are frets who will collapse easily like a pack of cards. They have money to buy arms and am munitions but they don’t know how to use them and they can’t go near battle area. If they hear the sound of a toy gun, they will melt like a burning candle.

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