(Episode 18) My Sexcapades after NYSC where i ate, drank and smoked women like Garri

I returned to my apartment by 5:15pm after a very busy day at the office, disjointed and sad. “Chioma really isn’t being reasonable with me. Can’t she just understand my plight?” i wondered unhappily. Five minutes later my door bell rang, bringing me out of my thoughts with its sharp noise. I couldn’t help but wonder who it was. “good evening” Mary greeted with a smile as i opened the door. She had a black nylon bag in her right hand, which i curiously stared at. “i guess you are just coming back from work. Your tie is still on you. I came to make soup for my dear husband. I figured you have nothing here” she said sweetly. I shrugged with a forced smile. “yea come in dear.” i murmured politely as i made way for her to enter. She gracefully walked into my apartment and headed straight to the kitchen.

I truly hated seeing her. Her presence simply disgusts me, but i had no choice than to play along. I just couldn’t wait to get rid of her. Surprisingly she stayed back after preparing a Vegetable soup for me. I had expected her to leave after making the soup but she gave a flimsy excuse. “darling i hope i can stay the night with you. I want to sleep in your arms. I’ll leave tomorrow morning” she kind of asked as we ate together.

“but you know unmarried couples arn’t supposed to be sleeping together?” i asked, trying to use religion to deny her request. “whatever i’m staying the night” she concluded with a strong smile which somehow got me worried. Her action sort of told me that she already had something planned out and perhaps could be a bit difficult for me to dictate the way to run our relationship. “i have to be very careful and watchful” i advised myself.

Immediately after the meal, i left her in the sitting room and went straight to bed. I wasn’t happy she was around, what if Chioma decides to show up at this moment?” i fearfully reasoned before falling asleep. By the early hours of the next day, i woke up to see Mary hungrily sucking my D**k as if her life depended on it. I was shocked and quickly defensive.

“oh not again” i hissed to myself, fearfully pushing her away a bit roughly. She instantly stared at me with offended eyes. As if she suddenly realised that i was merely tolerating her.

“c’mon dear, let’s just sleep” i murmured cautiously as i quickly tried to get control of myself. “but you are almost aroused. What could be the problem?. I’m just trying to please you” she asked curiously, her unclad bosoms dangling freely with an inviting look. I swallowed hard and looked away. “please my dear let’s forget about sex for now. I’m yet to get myself you know what i mean” i explained nervously and backed her. “it’s obvious you don’t want me. I brought out my time to satisfy you and you are turning me down. Can you swear you don’t feel like making love to me huh?. I’m not a kid, you just don’t want to do it with me” she rattled on and on while i kept quiet and pretended to be asleep.

She was very right, i badly felt like having sex that moment but i couldn’t get myself to do it with her. She simply wasn’t for me. I couldn’t sleep after that seductive encounter. I just kept quiet, closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep till 5am when my phone alarm rang.

Mary finally left that morning without creating any new scene, though i apologized to her over and over before she left. But seriously i felt she clearly understood the situation of things because no matter my

apologies and lies, she was matured enough to figure out that perhaps i was being nice to her out of pressure. I felt she knew all that but simply preferred living with the hope that we were perfect for each other. Anyway the heart of a woman is very complex and so i really couldn’t pin-point the exact thing in her mind. I left for work later in the morning still feeling horny. Even though i had a lot of work to cover, i still couldn’t concentrate because my body needed sex. I cursed the silly witch over and over for waking up the monster in me.

Chioma didn’t report for work that fateful day, which got me a bit worried. I tried calling her but she rejected my calls, spoiling my mood heavily. By 1:39pm, i left my office and headed to her apartment, very determined to resolve issues with her once and for all. I soon got to the place she lived. A beautiful bungalow few kilometers away from our office. I was very nervous as i made my way to her apartment, rang the door bell and waited impatiently. A minute later she opened the door and stared at me with surprise. She prevented me from going inside, instead came out and shut the door behind her.

“why are you here?” she asked rudely, “i came for us to talk” i stammered, “there is nothing to talk. You have lost your chance with me, so please respect yourself and leave. I have a visitor” she said coldly, shocking me with her words. I instantly became threatened and jealous when i heard her mention she was with someone. “who are you with?” i asked curiously. She simply scoffed, eyed me, turned and returned to her apartment, quickly shutting the door and giving me no chance to force my way in.

My heart felt like exploding, i couldn’t believe it was all happening. I headed to my car almost in tears. “could she be cheating on me?” I wondered miserably. I regretted knowing her, regretted going over to her apartment, regretted loving her. I felt like drowning myself with alcohol. I felt like going to a place far away. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

My phone rang that moment, bringing me back to reality. I checked the screen and saw the name “ANITA”. Breathing deeply, i answered the call. Anita was a federal polytechnic student located downtown. She was one of the girls i knew before Mary and Chioma came into my life. She was very beautiful, tall and slim. But the only problem i had with her was the way she demanded for things. She was way too demanding and i really was tired of making promises i couldn’t fulfill. As i answered her call, i knew she was calling for no other thing but money, but as things stood, i sure needed someone like her to calm my nerves. “you really have forgotten me, it isn’t fair ooo. Simply because i asked for a new phone. It has been more than a month we last spoke to each other. I’m coming to your house this evening should i come?” she asked. “yes” i muttered.

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  1. i hate calling women this name but i’m sorry, Mary is a B*tch. She’s a like thorn in one’s flesh. I’m just curious how this guy wants to get rid of her (not by killing oo.. just curious)

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