Igbos, Reject Ministerial Appointment from Pres. Buhari – Ohanaeze

President General of the apex Igbo group, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief Enwo Gary Igariwey, has said:
“We had a meeting of a select group with Ohanaeze NEC to discuss Igbo day celebration… we ask our people not to be disappointed on the seeming lopsidedness of appointments made so far by the president.

“Our people should remain steadfast, think of home, and galvanise efforts towards the development of Igbo nation because nobody will do it for us. We have helped in building Lagos and Abuja among others. It is time to do the same in our own place.

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“We should recreate that zeal and develop our place. This years’ celebration is not a time of festival and masquerades,but a time for rethink.”

Also, former Secretary General of Ohanaeze, Chief Joe Achuzie, who is not happy with the ‘kitchen cabinet’ appointments by Buhari, charged Ndigbo to remain strong and form a veritable opposition that will take over power come 2019.

According to him, “having known that the president has distributed key positions to his brothers, what worries me is that ministers have been regarded as mere servants by the president. In other words, if an Igbo is appointed minister, he or she will be a mere servant.

“The question is, are we to take up such positions to go and serve him, to go and make him popular? Without an Igbo man being a minister, I do not think the president will survive. So, Igbo should not take ministerial position.”



  1. u guyz should come home, so that we will have a meeting and plan how to destroy this nonsense called nigeria, BIAFRA ALL THE WAY

  2. Ministers are not sacked just like that. Maybe for reason of incompetence, corruption, a minister maybe sacked irrespective of his/ her tribe. It s nothing new! But y cant we wait to see if Buhari will appoint a minister from the South East and sack the minister again. Lets be patient. I believe this government is an all inclusive government that mean well for all Nigerians.

  3. May God have mercy on u cos I am fully aware dat u dnt know wat u are saying. & I also know dat Mr president dnt even recognise ur comments so y all d insults on ur fellow human

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