SEE Flood As It Overruns Alpha Beach Area Of Lekki (PHOTOS)

The residents of the Alpha Beach area of Lekki are expressing frustration at the flood situation currently plaguing the region.

Several sources state that it is a recurring problem, and a solution is yet to be found.
“Residents and villagers of Alpha Beach area of Lekki are currently battling flood. This is a yearly reoccurance and this years is the worst it has been. Houses are being submerged in water, people are made homeless and cars are stranded.

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Year after year residents in this environment cry to the Government for help but it keeps occurring. All the businesses on the beach are now under water and are currently unemployed. A country as strong as Nigeria yet we cannot handle the annual flood crisis. Billions of dollars are spent on the Eko Atlantic City all in the name of a Mega City or is it luxurious living yet the poor are suffering.

I hope the office of the Governor of Lagos sees this or better still The President sees this. This is not change, nothing has changed, we need change, we want change”



  1. Lekki should have been left as a tourist destination city with fine beaches etc, not a sprawling over congested unplanned city.

  2. The flooding issue in Lagos especially on the Island no b small tin sha, the funny thing is that people would still use millions to purchase or even rent a tiny apartment with all the flooding wahala.

  3. They should stop complaining, most of them know how those areas are before they start building. But they go ahead to sand fill and build houses there. You can’t push water , they should know that. They should Pele oooo

  4. Thats what you get for poor planning of a place. Stupid leaders wanting to create affuluent areas with poor drainage /enviromental plan

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