A Big Shame: Nigerian Student Beaten To Death For Allegedly Attempting To Rape A Lady Inside An Elevator

Report gathered that a yet to be identified Nigerian student in Malaysia has reportedly been beaten to death for attempting to rape a lady inside an elevator in a service apartment on September 23rd.

Malaysia’s newspaper, Malaymail online, reports that the Nigerian student was mobbed by residents of the service apartment after the victim raised an alarm.

The police was called in and the Nigerian student was taken to the police station with injuries on the right side of his head, and had scratch marks on his legs and hand. He later died at the police station.

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“We received a call from the security manager of the apartment who informed us of the incident. When police arrived at 8.20 pm, the suspect was surrounded by 20 to 30 people and his hands were tied. The victim put up a fight and screamed for help as the lift door opened and several men who were in the area caught the suspect. The suspect was then taken to the police station at 8.45 pm. He was fine and he even walked into the station accompanied by policemen. However, we found him unconscious when one of the officers checked on him. A medical officer examined the suspect and pronounced him dead,” ACP Azmi Abu Kassim, a Malaysian police chief said.

The police say a post mortem is being carried out on the deceased. Meanwhile the Nigerian Embassy in Malaysia has not confirmed or reacted to the incident.



  1. I have a strong feeling that it is a trap… ! In as much as the story sounds negative but then the circumstances surrounding such in an elevator is false… The lady in question needs to be questioned and run a background check on her asap.

  2. This story does not sound right.. So, the supposedly attempted rapist was taken to a police station, cuffed & put in a holding cell only to end up dead? The Malaysian police are no different from our own finest NPF…

  3. Don’t conclude too quick. The kind of hate most Asians have for Africans, it is possible the wasn’t even an attempt to rape the lady. Malaysia has strict rules, if she was raped, police would have dealt with him squarely. I suspect the mob just beat him up out of hate or some other reason. He dead now, we might never know what went wrong.

  4. The Nigerian embassy in Malaysia should make sure d matter is thoroughly investigated. I don’t trust ladies of these days. Some of them can raise false alarm. May his soul RIP

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