How the Fulani Herdsmen rape & kill Ogun Residents

Report gathered that Farmers and residents of agrarian communities in some local government areas of Ogun State have some gory tales to tell on the menace of Fulani cattle rearers, otherwise known as Fulani herdsmen.

So many lives have been lost while property worth millions of Naira has been destroyed allegedly by these Fulani marauders .

It was gathered that, the Fulani herdsmen move with their cattle from one of these agrarian communities to the other wreaking havoc.

Further findings have also shown that worse still, they do not respect the borders of the state. They did not only seek pasture they inflict deaths and mayhem.

Records have shown that, not quiet long ago, the border town of Oja-Odan in Yewa North Local Government Area of Ogun State was invaded by some Fulani herdsmen who killed a farmer and injured dozens of others.

The farmer, identified as Agbaose Sewotan, was killed because he complained against the invasion of his farm.

It was learnt that his elder brother, Mr. Oluwole Sewontan,while narrating their ordeal, said; “this is not the first time that our people were slaughtered like cows on our own soil with impunity. My dear brother was killed simply because he protested the invasion of his farmland by the herdsmen.”

Also, a mother of three, Mrs Ayesi Balogun, was allegedly raped and killed   by some suspected Fulani herdsmen at Asa village, in the Oja Odan area,Yewa North Local Government Area of Ogun State.

Balogun, was said to have been killed after being raped on her farm. This damning revelation was contained in a statement made available to our correspondent by the Ketu Advancement Front.

The statement which was signed by its Coordinator and Secretary, Kunle Abiose and Joseph Bankole respectively, read thus, “For the umpteenth time, we, members of Ketu Advancement Front want to register our strong protest with the Government of Senator Ibikunle Amosun over its callous abdication of its constitutional responsibility of ensuring the security of lives of Ketu People from wanton killing by marauding herdsmen.

“We are sad to announce that Mrs Ayesi Balogun, a poor mother of three, was raped and hacked to death on her farm in Asa, Yewa North Local Government Area of Ogun State over the weekend by Fulani herdsmen.

“On sighting her entering the farm, the killer-herdsmen, who had taken over her farm, pounced on her, probably gang raped her, before hacking her to death.”



  1. Every evil dat man does shouldn’t be condone. Fulani herds men have turn to be a serious threats to our national life. Let the three tiers of government harness there strength together and put an end to these barbaric act. Human life is sacrosanct, no one is allow to take it with impunity. Every Nigeria should join hands to condemn this act be it in the Southern or Northern part the country and all perpetrators of this heinous crime should be dealt with accordingly.

  2. These foolani herdsmen are realy getting out of hand. I wonder what buhari is saying/doing about it. Or is it that he doesn’t see anything wrong with all the evil these herdsmen are perpetrating or what? Me i tire for this country oo

  3. don’t worry soon they will rape your wife and your Daughter’s if you have one, and even kill them,then you will know that it is not lie,

  4. Their’s nothing bad in having afair with ur wife abeg. Yoruba is hausas wife or do u see any of them castigating. Enjoy ur marriage as it last

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