Why we won’t rush to rescue Chibok Girls – Army

The Nigerian Military says it will not be in a hurry to rescue the secondary schoolgirls in Chibok who were abducted in April 2014.

The Acting Director, Defence Information, Military Headquarters, Abuja, Col. Rabe Abubakar, who said this at a press conference in Lagos on Thursday, noted that while it was of utmost concern to the military to rescue the girls, the operation required demanded adequate patience and planning.

Abubakar added that recent efforts by the military in the rescue of over 200 women and children held captive by Boko Haram proved that the military was on course in recovering the girls.

He said, “The issue of the low morale of the Nigerian military men has now become a thing of the past. The operation to recover the Chibok girls is alive and still ongoing. We have continued to make rescue efforts, and we will do all within our powers to bring the girls.

“However, we will not rush to do this. It requires diligent intervention and a high-level operation to rescue the girls. In due time, every captive of Boko Haram will be released. A lot of achievements have been recorded recently, and this cannot be disconnected from the high morale of the army.

“We want to assure our citizens that soon, insurgency will be a thing of the past. But, it is not only about the military or the North-Eastern region. It is our collective duty to ensure that there is peace in the country.

“The Nigerian army has put together a multilateral cooperation. Niger, Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon are partnering to ensure we win the terrorism war.”

The director, who noted that terror groups only thrived on information, said the military would forgive and rehabilitate insurgents who willingly surrendered to the army.

He said, “The Defence Headquarters has brought out a committee to work out modalities to set up a safe horizon. This is a place where terrorists who decide to surrender will go. Once they are there, they will be spared of any molestation and given treatments conforming to international best practices.

“A terror group can only survive on information. Information has been identified as one of the key elements relied on by terrorist groups to perpetrate their heinous crimes. It is for this reason that we seek collaboration with the media. We are not sleeping. We are cooperating with the relevant agencies in the fight against the terrorists.”



  1. This is the most callous statement ever in the history of Nigeria.
    Over 500 days in captivity and some people think it doesn’t matter. And there is no need for “rush”?
    Look. It is either these girls are kept in a cozy mansion somewhere and we are being told stories or they were never kidnapped at all.
    If these girls are actually in agony I expect the nation to come to a standstill until they are rescued…..poor innocent souls.

  2. If they were never kidnapped then the Army must be gathering new 200 girls to present to Nigerians as rescued girls . Military propaganda .

  3. Tell me about it.

    They “won’t rush” because the girls are all probably pregnant or lactating.

    I think GEJ had better plans than these bewildered PMB servants.

  4. I do not know about you, but I am no longer expecting the new government or the new army commanders to ‘rush’ to rescue the Chibok girls. There was a lot of pressure from local and international organisations and the media on the GEJ government to ‘bring back our Girls’. One assumed it was well intentioned and heartfelt. However since Buhari came into power it has gone eerily silent. Even the papers that used to put a count down of how many days the girls have been in captivity have stopped the count. It leaves one with the sad conclusion that most of those shouting loudest were doing it not because of concern for the kidnapped girls but just to harry the previous government. If this were a country where people felt shame they should all be deeply ashamed of themselves. Apart from being a ‘patient’ government, without any pressure from the public this government will put the kidnapped girls further down their priority list. As each day passes the possibility of rescuing them diminishes. We who keep silent are all complicit in the continued detention of these poor souls.

  5. Why can’t the nation come to a standstill until everyone is employed?
    Why can’t the nation come to a standstill until we have electricity?
    Everyone has his own problem and priority my friend.

  6. This government has invented a new word, ‘patience’ I don’t think Nigeria knew that word during Jonathan’s regime. It was one riot after another sponsored by OBJ and his apologists. Wasn’t the Chibok girls an issue of international concern. Where is Dr. Oby and her battalion? Where are the placards #bringbackiurgirls?
    Because they are no Chibok girls. Unfolding events and body language of the new government shows there were no Chibok girls.

  7. chibok girls was just a project to outer the then administration, and they are busy gathering villagers from neighboring country so they will present to us if they will ever do. shame on them.

  8. Where is Obama wife that carried #Bringbackgirls banner, where are the world that made noise about Chibok girls, where is Malala. This Chibok issue will be exposed in due time.

  9. A unity school and only girls from Chibok wrote exams, where are their parents, where are their photos, where are their identity cards, why would WAEC not produce their records; I still maintain that there is nothing like Chibok girls. One day some girls will be produced and then government will flash them to the public and quickly transport them to unknown destination for rehabilitation and that would be the end of matter. Chibok girls are one of the ploys the North used to wrestle power from Jonathan but God dey oooo.

  10. I do not know about you, but I am no longer expecting the new government or the new army commanders to ‘rush’ to rescue the Chibok girls. There was a lot of pressure from local and international organisations and the media on the GEJ government to ‘bring back our Girls’.

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