1. How come bombs go off immediately after Pdp thieves are arrested. It happened when col. Sambo was arrested and now bombs go off after the arrest of diezani. Azazi said it BH is pdp and pdp is BH

  2. No u have to condemn the Hausa&fulanis that has been holding us hostage since 1940’s. Northern elites hold the magic wand to this menace if they really want

  3. No cause for alarming! Change we want is here letz embrace it! What do u expect a dying old man to do in situation of insecurity? Do you expect a boko haramist to fight itz own body? Nt possible! All you Abokis clamouring 4 CHANGE sit back and rock more explosionz comin to more of your states.#ChangeFromBetterToWorst

  4. Listen peops, if you still falsify your CV, RESUME and any sort of OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS in the name of OFFICIAL AGE, you are as Corrupt as all our Nigerian leaders who have turned this country into a BLOOD BATH and a thing of CARICATURE. You all, will together, face, eternal domination in the lake that burns FOREVER unless you repent and correct it as quickly as possible. Don’t think any sin is greater than the other. In the eyes of God, all sins are one and equal.

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