1. Why do I have this strong feeling that the explosions is in retaliation of deziani s arrest . The atrocities that happened during janathans govt. these people won’t back down easily

  2. God will heal our land IJN! Just when we thought this madness is about to end..RIP to the dead and i do hope our security agencies will do more on intelligence gathering because now its becoming clear that this extremist are on every street in Nigeria…

  3. This is so sad,abuja people we cover ourself with d blood of Jesus,ADELOVE I also heard bomb blast in nyanya,with what happen am not going to nyanya again ooh,leaving Abj soon,jeezzz.

  4. The people behind this heinous act are stealing Boko haram identity to execute their evil intent on Nigeria to undermine the security profile of Nigeria in the eyes of Nigerians and foreigners. Without prompt and accurate intervention from the government , this unfortunate trend is likely to spread across the nation, as the culprits must be having plans to expand their coverage.

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