That special Teacher You Can Never Forget!!!

Today the 5th day of October is generally marked as a day for teachers in Nigeria. In the spirit of that, let’s use this opportunity to remember that remarkable teacher that impacted our lives either positively or the other way round. I’ll go first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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mr Tofa, once in Ang. Grammar School, somewhere in Delta. Thank you for contributing to what i am today. Infact I’ll classify you as a ” a teacher without border” lol. There is barely a subject he can’t teach you. Thanks also for always tearing my back with those your rafia cane. lol now i know the importance.

Happy Teachers Day to you sir!!!!!

Let’s keep the ball rolling. Share yours!



    • Yours is small na. I don’t want to remember one Mr Alikwe aka (don’t rub it). You don’t dare enter his fine art studio a munit past his class period. Our female corpers hear am sha. The man bad gon.

  1. Miss Irene…ruthless,st catherine’s model school.She got married sha,the person way marry her try,became Mrs Anobili

  2. My Biology teacher, that man boring die.. Only him can make the topic of reproduction seem so BORING…
    Miss Shade, my Yoruba teacher, she sexy and get boobs like MAD. Because of her, most Science students offered Yoruba from SS1 to SS3…

  3. I was very close to most of my teachers then. But I’ll give it to my physics teacher. A very strict and straightforward man. He made me love physics.
    Happy Teachers’ Day Sir!.

  4. Mr Tunde. I still dey remember the cane wey u flog me when u ask me make i draw Lion as pratical. No b my fault say the lion resemble goat na

  5. All of them were great. Malam Adamu in particular; friendly, courteous, firm. Malam Tanimu too, among my religious instructors. May they all be rewarded.

  6. Ah shoutout to my then Physics teacher AKA Jackie chan the only man that made a notorious hardend cult guy CRY after floging him with that tiny koboko. those who went to govt school will understand.

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