Yinka Ayefele escapes being lynched by hoodlums, 15 band boys get injured

Yinka Ayefele, Nigerian popular Musician narrowly escaped being lynched weekend at Ijare area of Ondo State as some hoodlums went on rampage and vandalized his vehicles and musical instruments.

Some of his band boys, however, were not as lucky as they were beaten silly when the hoodlums discovered that their leader had escaped from the scene of a party in the town.

They complained that Ayefele got N3 million for the performance and could not drop anything for the local boys in the town.

Reports had it that about 15 persons were wounded as the hoodlums vent their anger on those invited to a burial ceremony held at Odo Oja street in the town.

Ayefele was in the town to perform at the burial of 85-year-old Madam Ebunoluwa Lydia   Odumakinde.

He was reportedly smuggled out of the town as the hoodlums went wild due to his refusal to settle them for performing in the town.

Eyewitness account said the hoodlums reportedly sent their leader to Ayefele band leader to ask for the “ boys settlement” but was turned down.

Angered by the feedback from their leader, the hoodlums were said to have mobilised others to the venue of the party as another person was reportedly sent to the leader of the band who told them that there was no provision for them.

Sensing that the hoodlums were poised for a showdown, the band leader pleaded with them to exercise patience till the end of the party when their boss would be informed.

It was learnt that the hoodlums after the assurance, placed themselves in strategic positions to be able to monitor the movement of the musician.

Eyewitness said the hoodlums became unruly when they were later told that their boss turned down their request.

The big tent under which the party took place,   tables and chairs were reportedly damaged, while bottles were recklessly broken by the rampaging hoodlums.

Report gathered that Ayefele was, thereafter, smuggled out of the venue of the party as the hoodlums surged towards where he was staying ( back stage).

Hell was let loose as the hoodlums descended on those who were eating and drinking after enjoying the performance of Ayefele.

Normalcy was later restored after over one hour of disruption of the party by the hoodlums.

Contacted, the new spokesman of the state police command, Femi Joseph, said there was no official report of the incident. But a police officer at Ijare, told Newsmen that the timely intervention of policemen in the town saved the situation from degenerating into a full blown crisis.



  1. Wht d heck is dis all abt…?

    Aha! Dis is so sad and bad.
    All those lazy souls dat go abt reaping where they do not sow responsible for dis act should b caught and punished accordingly.

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