1. well dangotes money is genuine, so he remains the richest african. this thief will be broke by the time they are done probing her

  2. If truly dis woman own dis amount of money,wat abt MR GEJ.,dat mean jonathan has 10 times of dis money,.is now I can believe dat list MR EL RUFIL share on is fbk page,22billion as independence budget

  3. Why Diezani is the only one being burnt at the stake is what I don’t understand. Where are the likes of Amaechi, Tinubu, Obj etc. In as much as I don’t support Alison, it is only fair that all the past and present corrupt politicians should also be brought to book. Let the witch-hunting stop. And please NIGERIANS STOP BEING GULLIBLE. Let us try to critically analyse situations and not just allow a small group of people manipulate our brains.

  4. Jona really fall hand I swear. U dey for seat woman dey loot money yagayaga u no fit ginger. It’s well sha. I love my country naija but i don’t like the government.

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