I don’t want Amaechi’s appointment –Wike

The Rivers State Governor, Chief Nyesom Wike, has insisted that he has no interest in the appointment of his predecessor, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, as a minister.

Wike was reacting to claims by the All Progressives Congress that he was orchestrating a protest against Amaechi’s expected appointment as a minister.

Speaking through his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Opunabo Inko-Tariah, in Port Harcourt, on Monday, the governor described the claim that he was working against Amaechi’s likely emergence as a minister as spurious and malicious.

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He maintained that the appointment of Amaechi had nothing to do with the governance of Rivers State, adding that it was the right of the President to select those that would work with him as ministers.

“It is not only spurious, but fatuous and malicious. Governor Wike has no cause to orchestrate a protest against the appointment of Rotimi Amaechi.

“Let me reiterate for the umpteenth time that the governor has no nexus with the appointment of Amaechi or otherwise. It is the right of the President to appoint anybody of his choice provided such an appointment is in sync with the relevant laws.

“The appointment of Amaechi will definitely have no bearing on the governance of Rivers State. There are crucial issues the governor is more concerned with which are issues of the state and not trifles like the appointment of Amaechi.

“It is apparent that the APC in Rivers State has exhausted its basket of lies and barren propaganda but still wants to be heard or noticed despite its waned popularity in the state,” Wike said.

He condemned the allegation by the APC, adding that the spreading of falsehood as a stratagem by the party had failed.

“Governor Wike’s concern now is to clear the rubbish Amaechi left behind in his eight years of maladministration that impoverished the state and the people.

“Therefore, if the APC is dispensing such unfounded falsehood as a stratagem, it has failed. Or, is the APC distraught that Amaechi might not scale through the screening because of his antecedents?

“If that is the problem, it (APC) should think of how to sort it out and not spread falsehood to gain sympathy. Governor Wike is not interested in Amaechi’s matter because it is inconsequential,” he added.



  1. Buhari’s Ministerial list is laughable..He waited for 4 months just to write down the names of the same people he wine & dine with..To have included the thief of our time (Amaechi) in the same list is a mockery to his so called Anti corruption war..Apc is a party of Jesters and Liars..

    • Will he go to the moon to select ministers. Monkey like you want him to call the like of Alameisigha. Madueke. Ibori and Patient Jonathan. Is that not what you want.?Your problem with Ameachi is that he refused to play tribal politics to support the Zoo manager Jonathan. Like it or not Ameachi is a Minister.

  2. Shame to Wike. We know you are not happy at the mere speculation (not even confirmation) that Ameachi’s name is amongst the ministerial nominees. God pass you and all those that expected Mr Ameachi not to reap the fruit of his labour. Yeye man.

  3. So it is all about reaping the fruit of one’s. labour. I thought it was all patriotism.

    There are people who fought and died for what they believed in .They never became anything special in government.

    Amaechi ‘s ghost is hunting him. He wants to reap from the fruit of treachery.

    Buhari knows him very well…

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