12 Years Old Girl Sneezes 12,000 Times A Day And Doctors Have No Solution

12 yr-old schoolgirl Katelyn Thornley has been left in constant pain from a mystery condition which causes her to sneeze 12,000 times a day. She has been sneezing around 20 times a minute for the past month and has seen six doctors but no one can figure out the cause. Her plight also has caused to miss school .

According to CBS News medica do not believe the sneezing is caused by allergies or a virus.

The fits only stop when she sleeps – which she manages by taking Benadryl and listening to Beatles music . The incessant sneezing is now starting to take its toll.

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Katelyn told CBS:

“It just started in little spurts. I just started sneezing. I thought it was like, oh, I’m just allergic to something.”But now the sneezing fits are taking a serious toll. I’m constantly in pain with my abdomen, my legs are hurting because I’ve been weak and I can barely eat.”

“Sometimes I wish I could leave my body for a little while so I could watch myself sleep because even in my dreams, I sneeze.”Katelyn and her parents have gone public with her plight in the hope that somebody with knowledge of whatever condition she might be suffering from will come forward and offer help.



  1. This is indeed a serious condition. A rare one at that. If those doctors can’t find the cause, then they are incompetent. They should look for a competent medical practitioner to look into her case

  2. Her case is a rear one, I don’t think this happened as a result of inhaling dust or feeling feverish! Sorry for your paroxysm, wishing you quick recovery

  3. She is lacking some vitamins and should be treated with fohow products. If she cares I can list the ones she should take.

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