Army kills Over 100 Boko Haram Militants Loses 7 Soldiers

The Nigerian Army in the early hours of Wednesday killed over 100 Boko Haram terrorists after they made attempts to attack 120 Task Force Battalion troops, located at Goniri, Yobe State.

A statement by the army spokesman, Sani Usman, said during the encounter, the terrorists killed seven soldiers and wounded nine others.

“During the encounter, our gallant troops successfully repelled the attack and inflicted heavy casualty on the invading terrorists as all of them were killed.

“On the last count over 100 terrorists bodies were seen. Unfortunately however, 7 of our gallant soldiers paid the supreme price while defending our fatherland, while 1 officer and 8 soldiers were wounded in action.

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“Our troops have recovered a sizeable arms, ammunition and other equipment from the terrorists. These include 1 General Purpose Machine Gun, 2 Rocket Propelled Grenades, 9 AK-47 rifles and belted rounds of 7.62 (NATO) ammunitions. Others were various wires used for Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), 7 Primed IEDs, different types of Spanners and a Torch Light,” Mr. Usman, a colonel, said

He stated further that troops had become more determined to defend their location and continued to serve as blocking force to any fleeing terrorists from the Nigerian Air Force aerial bombardments and other troops artillery fire.

Mr. Usman said the troops also destroyed a terrorist training camp and recovered Improvised Explosive Devices, IEDs.

“In a related development, troops of 21 Brigade on fighting patrol from Bama to Ngurosoye, have destroyed Boko Haram terrorists camps along that axis.

“While on patrol, the brave soldiers came across some of the terrorists hideouts that also served as fabricating area for IEDs and the terrorists’ training area. Another patrol along Bama-Kawuri axis discovered and exhumed IEDs and wires for detonation.

“It is important to reiterate that the Nigerian Army along with the support of the Nigerian Air Force and other Security Agencies would not relent in its determined effort of defeating Boko Haram terrorists,” the army spokesman said.



  1. When Boko Haram bastards kill innocent people, you believe the story , but when the terrorists are killed, you don,t believe.

  2. Well the army have joined the business of propaganda. Boko Haram bombings now equates to the army testing their weapons. So tell me how can they be trusted

  3. Is it because there was a blast in Yobe today that army came and told us this. Since May 29 have you heard that army killed boko haram members, rather they are accepting them in surrender?

  4. Less than 15 weapons, manned by over 100 terrorists. ‘Gallant Nigeria Army’. I repeat, the propaganda and media gymnastics embarked upon by the army under Jonathan govt and sustained in the Buhari govt cannot help the fight against insurgency. Nigerians don’t even want to hear this, they want results.

  5. Your nose go soon block. Everything to you na propaganda. Its like you are just getting to know the word “propaganda”

  6. Damn! But If it were Boko haram Killed and burn 1000 civilians you will believe abi You guys are very disgusting and pathetic. We don’t want your useless believe. Mtchewww

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