(Episode 10) See Temptation! My wife hired Sonia, a hot young 22year old housemaid

Angela: “Mum. it was all my fault. i should have listened to you and dad earlier. I shouldn’t have brought in the maid in the first place”

Angela lamented while her tears continued flowing. Her mother shook her head. She had warned her daughter earlier but she stubbornly ignored and now, this’s the result.

Angela Mom: “I warned you earlier my daughter but you refused. There is no need to cry when the head is off. there is trouble already. Stop crying. Since i was born, i never heard crying solved any problem”

Angela’s mother said agonisinly. She reached for her daughter’s face and wiped her tears. Mrs uwa ought to be angry with her but there she was, consoling her. Those who said ‘blood is thicker than water’ had been right.

Angela: “i’m sorry mum”

Angela was still sobbing. Her mother thought for sometime and remembered her dream. Could it be her dreams were surfacing?

Angela Mom: “Do you remember the dream i had about you”

Angela was silent at first but her face defined that of a person who was trying to remember something.

Angela: “yes mum.i do.I am scared.i don’t want to loose my husband”

Angela Mom: “God will not allow that to happen”

Her mother assured her.


Doctor: “These are the papers of the test conducted on your daughter”

The doctor said handing them over to chief uwa.

Doctor: “Her foetus could get affected if she don’t take enough rest. In order to avoid any complicated issue,she must rest properly and avoid thinking too much”

Chief uwa remove the lens he was wearing and held it with his hand.

Angela Dad: “Doctor. My daughter is pregnant? Two months pregnant?”

Chief Uwa asked, not believing his ears. The doctor was perplexed.

Doctor: “you never knew?”

The doctor asked. He told him how her daughter had always prayed and wish to have a child for three years of her marriage.

Angela Dad: “thank you very much doctor”

Chief uwa shook his hand as he left the office. He was beaming with joy as he met mother and daughter sobbing in an embrace. He wondered what went wrong. The joy on his face disappeared immediately as he demanded to know what was happening. His wife narrated the story just as Angela did.

Angela Dad: “he must be out of his mind. i must see him immediately”

Chief uwa’s voice was loud.

Angela Mom: “calm down. i think we should all go there together to sort out things”

Chief uwa kept the report to himself. He didn’t tell anybody about it.


Sonia was sitting on David’s lap when Angela and her parents entered. Sonia quickly jumped off him. Chief uwa went up to his son inlaw and slapped him real hard.

Angela Dad: “how could you?”

David: “what is it?”

David asked in returned. What baffled them all was the way he was sounding. He wasn’t sounding normal at all.

Angela Dad: “who is this lady?”

chief asked pointing at Sonia.

David: “she is my wife. Why are you people disturbing me. You all should get out of my house”

David said to their amazement. Angela’s mother knew immediately that a force was working on him.

Angela: “I am your wife,David. what has come over you?”

Angela was about to cry. Her mother held her close and told her to stop crying. She stepped closer to her son inlaw and shook her head.

Angela Mom: “my son. you are not normal. you are under influence”

she looked at the maid and told her.

Angela Mom: “Young woman. it is not possible for somebody to reap where he didn’t sow. When the anger of God will come upon you, you will regret the day you were born.”

Mrs uwa told her daughter and husband not to take it physical, saying that the battle is for God. She convinced them and they left.

Angela Mom: “God will surely vindicate the just”

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  1. When will Chief Uwa disclose his daughter’s pregnancy to David. I was expecting the outburst at that same time

  2. i’m curious to know what happened in last episode. How will David gets back his sense? How will Sonia face the shame? just curious? Nexxxxxxtttt???

  3. Hmmmmm, am happy for angela and also sorry for her bcos she has given cat her dinner ( o ti gbe oje ale e fun ologbo)

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