(Last Episode 11) See Temptation! My wife hired Sonia, a hot young 22year old housemaid

Sonia called her mother to come over and leave with them in the house. She was full of joy. All their plans was successful. Finally, her daughter had taken over the home and in months time, she will have a child for David.


Angela couldn’t help but cry each time she remembers that another woman is with her husband in her matrimonial home. She blamed herself. All in the name of her business, she brought in a maid who came and snatched away her husband. She had told Ebere about it. Ebere had expressed shock and disbelief on hearing the turnout of things. She offered to take her to one powerful witch doctor who will help her out.

Ebere: “evil must be challenged with greater evil”

Ebere had quoted but Angela turned down the offer. She didn’t wish to have anything to do with any baba or witch doctor. She remembered her mother’s words ”There are powers and there are powers. But God’s power surpases them all” Angela was not the prayerful type but with the help of her mother, she had learnt to have faith in God. She was always fasting and praying to God to restore back her marriage. Her father had told her about the pregnancy but the joy it would have given her to know she is pregnant in her matrimonial home would be higher. She didn’t even know how to tell him about it. The last time she visited him, he almost beat her to death.

::::::.****.::: :::

David: “What is this?”

David asked Sonia with an angry voice, staring at the tea she made for him. He sounded somehow to Sonia. She was suprised. David had never spoken to her in such manner.

Sonia: “darling. That’s the tea you requested for”

she replied calmy. David poured the hot tea on her face as she screamed. She ran out to her mother. She knew something was wrong. She told her what happened. David had slapped her the other day. He was beginning to get angry at every little mistake she made. Her mother did not waste anytime in returning to the witch doctor to tell him everything. He gave her another charm and told her never to it touch the ground or else she will go mad. She accepted it and started doing as instructed but nothing changed. David gave Sonia the beating of her life almost everyday. When Sonia saw there was fire on the mountain, she discussed with her mother that Angela could be behind it. They conspired to eliminate Angela so that David can forget about her entirely.

:::::.***.::::: :

Mrs Uwa, Angela, her husband and some of her church members arrived in David’s house. Sonia had expected David to send them away but he didn’t. He welcomed them but one could easily tell from the way he kept looking at them that he didn’t recognise Angela as his wife. Not even his in-laws.

The senior pastor started the prayer immediately since they were very sure David was under influence. So they believe he must get back to his senses today. As they were praying, Sonia and her mother kept running up and down doing God knows what.

Angela ran into the rooms and started throwing out their bags. She saw the one hanging on the wall. She threw it down. It contained the charms that must never touch the ground. Soon Ronke emerged in the sitting room and pulled up her wrapper. she was going mad. She started confessing. Sonia knew her game was up. She made to run away but she slipped and fell down, hitting her stomach on the ground. She had miscarriage instantly.

David: “where is my wife? Where is angela?”

David had asked. Angela bursted into tears from where she curled up. David ran up to her and knelt in front of her.

David: “forgive me sweatheart for i offended you”

David was crying. Angela quickly got him up to his feet and they were locked in a warm embrace.

Angela: “It was my fault. i should be the one apologising. I am so sorry. No more maid. Soon i will give you a baby”

Angela said. David’s joy knew no bounds. At last, they would have their own child. Mrs uwa turned to Sonia who lay on the ground crying and said to her

Angela Mom: ”what you sow is what you reap”

Ronke ran into the street with a tattered cloth. The evil that men do lives with them. Always think twice when making decisions.

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  1. Devil can never give you something for free. You must pay badly in return. Good pay for Sonia. Next time don’t do evil.

  2. I learnt a good lesson frm dis story dat don’t reap frm wir u didn’t sow. God will continue to help we Ladies abt maid.

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