Tragedy As Charles Okah Attempts Suicide Inside Court

Proceedings at the Federal High Court was disrupted yesterday, when the suspect of the Independence Day bombing in Abuja, Mr. Charles Okah, attempted suicide from the third floor of the six storey building of the court.

Okah, who felt frustrated that his trial has dragged on for too long attempted to end it all yesterday.
He has been facing terrorism charges before the court for about five years.

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After the trial judge, Justice Gabriel Kolawole adjourned the case to October 20, Okah sought the permission of the judge to air his views over what he termed “endless trial”, due to his lawyer’s absence in court.

Justice Kolawole obliged his request, which he spoke for about five minutes.

Okah said: “I have been incarcerated for about five years now, and I have a family to cater for.

“My children would grow up with out feeling the warmth of their father.

“I’m tired of this endless trial,” he screamed.

Our correspondent observed that after Okah ended his emotional statement, he reached for a chair in the court and quickly moved towards a window of the court building where he attempted to break thelouvres so as to jump down.

Hewas however, wrestled down by lawyers and other litigants who over powered him.

While the pandemonium persisted, the judge abandoned other cases before him and moved into his chambers.



  1. Mr Charles Okah , there are 6million ways to die , Why not use any sharp object , you can find in your cell to slash the vein on your wrist , and wait for your blood to flow out , or use your bed sheet to hang yourself , or go on hunger strike ..Why play to the gallery , with a make believe stunt ??

  2. He is talking about his children, what of the children of the innocent ones that died as a result of his terror act of Independence bombing? They should have allowed hime to commit the suicide so that, the case end and his children and dependents also pay the price.

  3. So Mr. Okah will go on to see justice served and he would be transformed through serving the sentence if indeed he is guilty…everything leads to the ends it deserves, eventually, based on the choices that everyone make.

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