Back in the days we Travel From Lagos To New York with 17thousands

I can’t believe this.Travelling from Lagos to New York once cost 17k.This was back in the days when things were still good in Nigeria and our leaders were a little bit less or not corrupt.

adelove global freight2

Compare it with the amount you have to pay now if you want to travel from Lagos to New York.




  1. Noted!

    The past and now……things are gradually getting worse instead of better.

    Kwarucption don finish the world shocked shocked sad sad Naija precisely.

  2. To get that 17k then nah war.

    Person dey use N6 marry wife and still have some change left.

    My uncle bought his motorcycle with just N168, something wey no fit subscribe for me now.

    Money had value then but life was hard.

  3. What’s the connection between corruption and flight ticket? Corruption is everywhere even here in the US! Everyone pays the exact same amount in their home country’s currency. It’s not like we pay more than other nationalities when we travel.. Tackle the naira and everything will take shape!

  4. 17k was a lot of cash..

    Sure a dollar was around 17-20 naira, if u use 17 naira u will find out nothing much has changed on the fare cous u will notice it’s an average fair is 900-1000 dollar a flight.

    Fast forward today, an average fare is still around $900-1000 but when converted to naira

  5. Let the past be. Why didn’t you come then nd enjoy or you thinks its that easy to get 17K then. *Next Jare* oniranu; lowa ise shey.

  6. 17K then will buy you a new car such as volkswagen beetle and its like. Nigerians existing then never said life was sweet in all ramifications.

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