Court stops Diezani from leaving UK until next year April … She’s now stranded

According to reports fron The United Kingdom, Former Minister of Petroleum Resources Mrs Diezani Alison-Madueke will not be able to leave the United Kingdom (UK) until April next year when investigations concerning the case have been concluded. The court has also said that she should remain in London while investigation last.

Diezani was earlier apprehended for money laundering and bribery. She has been granted bail but her international passport has been seized.



  1. Sounds like coded jail o. Oh, oh… First ever FTC on a front-page thread, and dis is happening on my birthday. What a coincidence! Funny though.

  2. These paid mercenaries are trying to divert the attention of Nigerians from “the present state of the Nation” to a side attraction.

    How is our Economy, Security situation and political climate? These are more serious than “Diezani in London”. This movie sales is now beyond expectation

  3. The Nations, we are aware of this news! Hopefully, the UK government do a thorough job!

    As for Nigeria front, Buhari and APC have failed Nigerians with clueless and insincere leadership! Boko Haram almost brought down Yobe state yesterday….

  4. The case is getting interesting by the day.

    I will love to see Diezani put behind bars and her assets confiscated. This woman and her accomplices bled Nigeria financially.

  5. Pulheeese! just leave Bokoharam out of this thread nd let’s just talk about DIEziani cos she’s not coming home anytime soon, they just gave her till April when her cell room go ready.

  6. Lol. nice one.

    This kind arrest tho. Abeg make london police come arrest me put for london untill further notice.

  7. Watin concern mii..

    If them like make them hold am Till Buhari completes his tenure, e still no change the matter say my account dey go dormant on Friday..

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