If you don’t like my nose ring report to God – Eniola Badmus attacks critics

Eniola Badmus, one of Nigeria’s top comic actresses, who recently took to a new style by adding a nasal fashion accessory, septum ring, better known as nose ring, has lambasted critics who claimed it wasn’t fashionable.

From all indications, since the ‘Gbogbo big girls’ unveiled her septum ring, she has gotten a lot of attentions and criticisms from fans.

Some critics on SnapChat, wrote: @LILILL Zamfara: “Eniola badmus, with your nose ring, you are exactly like a female gorilla. You should thank God to live in 9ja where at most 75/100 of people are blind.

“Indeed, in other “sky”, ugly women like you will be chased and will have no role in any good movie, except perhaps horror movies. Eniola, you are extremely ugly, and your ugliness makes 9ja shame.”

@ Unbelievable wrote: ‘’Why? You are trying what street girl does in overseas. I could remember one time you were praying to get American VISA and looking for American men. God gave you VISA and upgraded you but you decided to tell God that he did not do a good job on your body. Do you have parents or you think money is everything.

“You are a disgrace to Nigeria. I am sure you have no respect for your parent because you gives them some change to eat. You are a beautiful woman. Your size is already a challenge. If you want to be like an American, then lose weight and wear the right clothes. Who is the man in love with you? He will dump you soon because his friends will make comments and he will tell them he is in love for a while until one day he will feel ashamed of himself as a man from a good home.

“Will you go to church like this? or mosque. Eniola, l believe you are depressed. Get help very soon because you do not like yourself. Look at the dress you even wear to red carpet (shine shine) you looked 6 months pregnant. Did you see your self in the mirror before you attended the party.? Money is not everything. Again, you are a bush girl, those street girls do not put a big one . Village girl.”

The Nollywood actress, through her SnapChat has, responded to the criticism, urging all her critics to face their own personal businesses and leave her to face hers.

“It’s my life and my nose ring. If you don’t like it, report to God.’’



  1. O maa gaaa o, upon ur big girl, u still be single And searching, I image how lazy she will be in bed, make we remind her say Na animal like gorilla wha she be dey use ring for nose, lose some weight and get married, Oloshi.

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