1. Nigeria …Where Police used a dilapidated three wheel keke napep to hunt down blood thirsty criminals in four wheeled fully fueled cars
    Shey black maria we go call this one now or yellow Joseph

  2. I must not be driving a tipper or trailer and see this on the road.I go form brake failure and crush them all.Evil things in blue clothing

  3. Lol.. Look at d person inside, isnt that a police uniform? Lord let this be a joke cause if its real….. I’ll have migraine!

  4. For real.Our men in uniform have upgraded! We’re gonna see police bicycles too. They are all modes of transportation

  5. Vehicle na vehicle, no matter the type. Since they cannot maintain the hilux vehicle they get, perhaps this one will suffice to carry out thier duty. Nigeria I hail o.

  6. Watch closely u’ll see someone putting on a police uniform inside. Seems it’s belong to a police station or an office.

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