(Episode 11) Tale of a man who never touch or kiss his beautiful wife but brings women into …

Lara rolled her eyes.

Lara: “Mummy what did you drink this morning?” she laughed.

Lara’s Mom: “Are trying to insult me?” Funke’s voice rose.

Lara: “Noo…just that, Tony used to be your favourite.” Lara explained still laughing.

Lara’s Mom: “What I’m saying is that you must divorce Tony, you can’t saddle yourself with such a burden, this was a man who was maltreating you…”

Lara: “ehen! Mum you are so incredible!” Lara interrupted her.

Lara: “Where were you when he maltreated me? What did you do when he turned me into a punching bag? Aren’t the same person who rocked the boat of the marriage cos of money? You made me go through hell!” Lara said anger creeping into her voice.

Lara’s Mom: “Hold on! And let me talk!” Lara rose up when her mother tried to speak up.

Lara: “Do I look like some commodity you can use to trade? Now that Tony is ill, you feel he can no longer fulfill your selfish needs, you want me to divorce him right? Perhaps you want to marry me off to someone else again abi?”

Lara’s Mom: “No Lara! I’m only concerned about you and myself! You must divorce Tony. I need a grandchild!” funke shot at her.

Lara: “What has a grandchild got to do with Tony’s illness?” Lara fired back.

Lara’s Mom: “Tony isn’t only crippled, he’s impotent! The accident rendered him impotent!” Funke screamed.

Lara stoped momentarily, what’s her mother trying to say.

Lara: “I beg your pardon…what did you just say?” her voice was low.

Lara’s Mom: “oh yes! The affected spinal cord did not only affect his legs, it affected his manhood! Your husband can’t perform anymore!” Funke shrilled.

Lara: “Perform as in how?” Lara couldn’t help asking.

Lara’s Mom: “He can’t make love to you! Can you go on like this? No se-x, no child bearing…no…..no…. Lara, try to understand me!” Funke explained.

Lara: “Mum…you mean..you mean…” her voice trailed off.

She felt sweat trickling down her face.

Lara’s Mom: “You see, my daughter, you can’t go on like that. Even if he gets on his feet again, there’s no possibility that he would be able to perform anymore.” Funke said triumphantly.

Lara thought for a while, she began pacing up and down the room sweating profusely. She stopped abruptly facing her mother.

Lara: “Well, Tony had never made love to me, so even this isn’t a new development..” she began to say.

Lara’s Mom: “Haaa! Lara please don’t do this o! I need a grandchild! You want your father’s name to be wiped off the earth?” Funke held her daughter.

Lara smiled mischievously, she had wanted an opportunity to get back at her mother, this was a chance.

Lara: “Well, mum, I don’t think you need a grandchild, if you did, you wouldn’t have made me suffer all I suffered. This is what you want, you must live with it. Continue to enjoy more money!” Lara sneered.

Lara: “I need to leave now!” Lara picked her bag.

Lara’s Mom: “Lara please..” funke tried to hold her.

Lara: “Take your hands off me!” Lara pushed her away.

Lara: “I hate you!” Lara told her, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Lara: “You hear me? I said I hate you! I would never forgive you! You ruined my life…” Lara sniffed, before storming out of the house.

Tony watched Lara as she tucked him bed. She’ve not been herself ever since she went to see her mother two weeks ago. No more the cheerful-smiling Lara, the old Lara seem to be creeping back in place.

Lara: “Good night.” she whispered turning to leave.

Tony: “Lara?” he called out, just as she held the door knob.

Lara: “Yes?” she didn’t look back.

Tony: “Can we talk?” his voice was low.

Lara: “Can’t wait till morning?” she asked irritated.

Tony: “Please…” he sounded desperate.

With a sigh, Lara turned and walked up to him.

Lara: “so?” she said crawling up the bed beside him.

Tony: “Lara…” he began, taking her hands.

She pulled away, he expected that too.

Tony: “Errm, I just wanna ask if you’re alright? Ever since you came from your mother’s place You’ve been moody….errrmm, is anything wrong?” he said in a cool voice.

Lara looked away. Why’s he asking her that? He cares?

Lara: “I’m fine.” she sighed.

Tony: “I know you are, but deep within you are troubled, talk to me Lara…” He said soothingly.

She looked at him briefly, he doesn’t sound like Tony at all, did the illness change him?

Lara: “Is there anything the doctor said about your health apart from your legs?” she asked.

Tony felt his heart beat increase.

Tony: “Your mother told you right?” his voice was faint.

Lara: “she did, and I wonder why you never told me that…” she replied getting off the bed.

Tony: “Lara…I just felt you shouldn’t know, I know it’l hurt you..”

Lara: “It hurts more that I heard it from someone else…” her voice was rising.

Tony: “I’m sorry, its just that….errmm… Lara please, understand me….” he looked confused.

Lara: “Understand you? Of course you know Lara is daft! An Illiterate can never understand!” her voice became harsh.

Tony: “No Lara…what I mean is that, I would be treated, and everything would become fine…” he tried to explain.

Lara shook her head slowly.

Lara: “Your legs will be treated not your ….your…your…Impotency!” she replied angrily.

Tony’s eyes narrowed, he looked hurt. He wore a painful look that made Lara regret her words.

Tony: “That’s not true Lara..its just that…that…some things got complicated…once my spinal cord gets back in place, I’ll normal again…” his voice was shaky.

Lara: “Normal again? Were you normal before?” Lara made a face.

Lara: “When you were busy sleeping around Sophia…have…have …you ever thought if…if…if…I’m human with needs?” tears filled her eyes.

Lara: “This marriage is almost two years now..and…and…” sobs choked her.

Tony: “Lara please, I know I’ve wronged you…but please…” he was crying too.

Lara: “I guess you want me stay right? But how am I sure you aint trying to be nice just because you’re ill! I’m sure when you get back on your feet again; you’l become the real Tony, and I’ll no longer be Lara but a daft-illiterate girl!” Lara said angrily, before turning to leave the room.

Tony: “Lara please wait” he called after her.

But she left banging the door behind her. Tony stared at the door in horror. He knew he was doomed, should Lara decide to end the marriage. He was at her mercy.

Tony: “God help me!” he clasped his palms in prayer.

Maybe she was right, that if he gets on his feet, he might not regain his manhood! Perhaps the doctor lied to him? The doctor told him, all would be well…

Tony: “Tony you are in deep mess:” he muttered fighting back tears.

If Lara should leave him, he won’t survive it. He might lose his life, cos he was madly in love with her.

…. Stay tuned to Episode 12

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