Selfie-Addiction: Lady Takes Over 200 Selfies In A Day Just To Post ONE PERFECT Shot….Lol

This might just be the most selfie-addicted woman in the world. Charlotte Michaels, a 23-year-old drama student from Richmond, admits she takes more than 200 selfies every single day, then staying up until 3am to edit the snaps – all to post just one perfect shot.

Speaking to Dailymail about her selfie-obsession, Charlotte confessed that her last boyfriend left her because she was prioritising her camera over him, but says: ‘I don’t mind! In my eyes, he just sucked the fun out of it all.’ A day in the life of Charlotte looks something like this.

‘I wake up every morning between 6am and 7am and usually then take an hour to do my make-up,’ she says. ‘Then I’m ready to plan my outfit – I often wear dark colours as they tend to complement me more in pictures.’

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‘I will then head to class about 9am, usually I run late though as I start taking selfies by my bedroom window. When I get my lectures, I make sure to sit in a row that means I can capture as many selfies and Snapchat stories as possible,’ she said. She then explained that immediately she returns home, the real job starts- EDITING and that might make her stay up till 3am looking for that perfect shot.

Sadly, Charlotte has only 410 followers on the photo social media platform, Instagram.


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