Tuface Idibia sets to remix Majek Fashek’s “Holy Spirit” Song

As the drive to rehabilitate Rainmaker, Majek Fashek gathers momentum, it has emerged that Tuface Idibia will do a remix of one of his greatest hits entitled Holy Spirit.

In a chat with Entertainer, Tuface who says that Majek Fashek was one of his influences while growing up disclosed that it was a privilege for him to remix a hit song from the music legend.

“There is a project going on to rehabilitate Majek Fashek and I am going to do a cover of one of Majek Fashek songs and I love it so much; I’m so excited and honoured. The track is entitled Holy Spirit.

According to him: “Majek is one of my big influences. He re­ally influenced me because I love Bob Marley a lot and anybody that goes in that direction automatically is very close to my heart.”

How does he think the music industry can help Majek get back on his feet? “I believe he had many friends back then and a lot of these friends I believe are reaching out to him now. I think that anybody that can contribute should do so; I think I can beg them to contribute. Majek Fashek is one of the biggest musical talents coming out of Africa; he was on the brink of taking over the world.”


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