Boobs infection: Reality star Deelishis’ boobs gets infected after breast implant surgery

VH1 reality star Deelishis’ breast implants got infected and keloided up just weeks after she got the plastic surgery. Photo of the scarring on her breasts was released by Deelishis herself but when fans bashing got too much she took it down but not before MTO got a grab. See the pic below…



adelove global freight2



  1. Surgery gone wrong, when will ingrates called human being ever be satisfied with their bodies and the most annoying parts is that people will never learn lessons but rather be victims themselves. Do i tell her sorry or ntorr? Anyway sorry

  2. She never see anything! Leave your body the way God created it, no! Humans now want to play artists with their bodies because some stupid doctor can put silicon in your boobs

  3. You were given breast Buh not thankful,forgetting that they are those who does not even have,face the ill sides..Its Ur fate

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