Who knows this woman with twin babies begging at Costain Bus Stop? … See Photos

An ALF (AdeLove Fan) reader shared this picture few hours ago, a woman with twin babies spotted begging at Costain Bus stop close to where there is a mini Market.

Witnesses say they see her there everyday begging for alms, as the infants are exposed to all sorts of airbones. I’m publishing this out now hoping the government agencies or Non Profit organization might help take the kids off the road. Don’t think it’s safe for the innocent infants. Please assist. Thank you!

woman twins1

woman twins



  1. I hate when I see this, I just want to go hit their mother in the face! I mean, life is hard, why make it even harder for your kids, get them out of the harsh sun!!

  2. This is really heartbreaking especially when you are not in a position to render any help to turn their lives around for good.(sad face)

  3. Some women are just loosing it, exposing innocent babies anyhow, they most put a stop to such act in Nigeria as a whole cus we have loads of them in Warri here!

  4. That’s if the children are really hers,so many case like that they make arrangements wt some nanny to take children for begging after their parents drop them off at the nanny ‘s place,watch! the babies may never grow older than that in 2yrs time cos they’ll probably be swapped again. look at how properly dressed the babies are.

  5. God eni tolori koni fila.People are begging for children ,you are trading with yours .It is unfair on her why can she go and look for petty trade .Well they are many b/c they get more money daily than those of us who are working ARA EKO LOJU ANU PUPO

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