(Episode 17) True Story of a beautiful lady i spotted from afar, her beauty got me attracted

David’s Mom: ‘’yes my dear, if there is anything you know about the young lady, better spit it out’’ my mother urged my sister who shrugged and shook her head, saying nothing. It was as if she was battling with herself to say something or not. I just couldn’t understand her behavior.

David’s Sister: ‘’it’s not as if I’m trying to spoil your mind or something, but come on brother, why Cassandra?, what did you see in her?’’ she finally blurted, getting me more angry with her comment. It was very obvious she had nothing against Cassandra, but was only kicking against the relationship merely because her spirit wasn’t in support of it.

David: ‘’you are still making no sense. What’s wrong in me choosing Cassandra?’’ I asked vehemently.

David’s Sister: ‘’do you know her lifestyle?. Do you know where she lives?, have you studied her well?. How much do you know about her?” she quickly pushed on, getting on my nerves with each word she uttered. My mother quickly sensed my mood, drew close and held me.

David’s Mom: ‘’even though your sister is making no sense at the moment, I still believe you shouldn’t wave aside her feelings. Just like everyone of us here, what we want is the best for you because you are the pillar of this family and so owe us nothing short of a good respectable wife. You know there are somethings we women see that men no matter how enlightened they are fail to see. Moreover there are so things we women equally find hard to say before a man. I believe your sister have genuine reasons for her ranting besides she knows the girl better than you do’’ my mother appealed, calming me with her words. I breathed deeply and shrugged.

David: ‘’you are very right mother. Thanks for making things easier for me to understand’’ I muttered.

David’s Sister: ‘’I’m sorry bro for shouting at you but the truth is that I was extremely surprised to see that girl called Cassandra, walk into our house. She never even breathed a word that you guys were dating to me, even though we ran into each other numerous times last month. Cassandra isn’t who you think she is. She is very materialistic and ambitious. She is an expert when it comes in dealing with men. I have know her for three years and never for once did she introduce any guy to me as her boyfriend, yet tons of men flock around her like vultures. So tell me brother, is that the type of woman you want to marry?. A girl whose life is very much unreadable and confusing. A girl who knows how to get what she wants without much effort. A girl who attracts everything that is of interest to her. Have you been to her apartment before?, have you studied her lifestyle and engagements?. How much time have you spent with her?. You don’t need to answer, if you don’t want you’’ my dear sister pushed on, shaking me with her words which were so soft but yet powerful and truthful.

David: Yes she was right, I haven’t been opportune to visit Cassandra. I didn’t even know the name of her hostel, room number nor anything substantiate about her. I equally haven’t been able to monitor her more appropriately nor spent enough time with her. The only thing I could boast of was knowing her family


Later in the night my sister came into my room, looking very apologetic and serious. She sat beside me on the bed and stared at me for some seconds.

David’s Sister: ”I’m very sorry for the way i behaved earlier in the day but please promise me you will think things through concerning your relationship with Cassandra” she begged solemnly, touching my heart with her words. For the very first time i had serious doubts concerning Cassandra. It was obvious my sister was strongly kicking against her due to something she probably was keeping to herself. I felt the things she revealed earlier concerning Cassandra was just a fraction of what she knew, nevertheless i was still strongly in love with Cassandra. My feelings still remained the same but as a human i was very curious to learn from her if there was something else about Cassandra she wasn’t telling me.

David: ”please dear. I’m your brother. i need to know all you know about Cassandra” i begged, holding her hands in a serious gesture of appeal.


David’s Sister: ‘’hmmm fine but I don’t know if you will believe this’’ my sister finally muttered after a brief hesitation. I curiously stared at her with a fast pounding heart.

David’s Sister: ‘’you see there was this rumour years back that Cassandra got pregnant for an older man who denied her pregnancy, leaving the poor girl demoralized and troubled. It was the period I first met her, but I really don’t know what happened to the pregnancy because she soon left school for about a month and returned, looking fresh and changed. She returned a different person . The change in her was so obvious that even her close friends couldn’t make anything out of it. Her lifestyle completely changed to that of a snake. She now wears different look and character as she deems fit’’ she slowly narrated, leaving me quiet for some seconds.

David: ‘’so you really want me to believe this story?. How am I sure you didn’t cook it all up?’’ I asked with disbelief.

David’s Sister: ‘’I have no reason to lie to you brother, but please if you still want to carry on with her, do take out time to study everything about her’’ she added, stood up and left.

I feel back on my bed, greatly troubled and confused.

David: ‘’dear lord, help me’’ I prayed…


The month of April ( that fateful year) turned out to be a very difficult one for me. One of my shops in Onitsha almost got burnt and business wasn’t really booming like the previous months. I was left with no choice than to leave everything and concentrate on my business. I shuttled from Owerri to Onitsha almost every week, and really had no time for myself nor even time to focus my attention on Cassandra.

Luckily for me, by mid May, God slowly rewarded my efforts and things started picking up fine for me again. I soon had the much needed time to think and plan ahead concerning my relationship with Cassandra.

I planned doing as my sister requested. I planned asking Cassandra to come visit and at least spend a week with me, to enable me watch her more closely. I equally planned paying a visit to where she lived. I felt it was the real thing to do and equally the only way to be sure of everything.

However the month of May slowly wrapped up without me doing even a single thing in my list of plans concerning Cassandra, but I wasn’t worried about it because I still had many months to go on with it.

On last Sunday of the month, Chinedu paid me an unexpected early morning visit. The look on his face clearly told me that all wasn’t fine. My skipped a beat as I stared at him, uncertain of the grave news he came with.

David: ‘’did someone die?. Did his shop burn or what?’’ I wondered as we shared a bottle of alcoholic wine.

Chinedu: ‘’I was with Nora’s friend yesterday’’ he slowly opened up, leaving me more curious than ever.

Chinedu: ‘’you know the Enugu girl that runs a restaurant down the second street?’’ he explained while I nodded.

Chinedu: ‘’well I was with her yesterday and she confided in me that Nora is pregnant’’ he added, throwing me off balance with his words.

David: ‘’what!!!!’’ I exclaimed with great shock.

Chinedu: ‘’yes she is pregnant and apparently the baby is yours’’ he affirmed strongly, leaving me very shaken and speechless as a thousand and one thoughts ran through my head.

…. Stay tuned for Episode 18

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  1. hmm.. This story really made my day. I hope AdeLove works tomorrow. i can stay home and enjoy all his stories. lol

  2. “David give Nora belle talk say he want Cassandra, nwoke ‘m kédù Ìfè ná émé gì, David oh! David oh!!…………David u were lucky that Cassandra stopped u from ur sexual urge the last time u made an attempt to have s£>< with her, if not u could have seen urself in the real hell fire here on earth but thanks to Nora who is about to wake u up from ur greatest nightmare…….Next episode please.

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