Caroline Danjuma criticizes Cynthia Morgan’s new pic where she posed smoking with a child

Cynthia Morgan shared a photo where she posed ‘smoking’ while holding a toddler. (She cig doesn’t look lit though) Carolyn Danjuma saw the photo and didn’t like it. She thought it was inappropriate and had this to say:

It takes a child 5 years to fully grow perfectly… This is absolutely wrong… I always mind my biz but this baffles me …

When wiz kalifa did a similar thing with his own son he was called to order by child support and he apologised..

Chris brown can’t get into Australia because of what he did to Rihanna.. Pls how is it ok to smoke In front of a child who is barely 2 yrs old.. Like seriously … A lot of kids are dying from VSD and ASD…

A little sniff of nicotine is a huge damage to a child… And yet this picture is circulating and being praised…. A baby mama who is a BOSS will never put her child through harms way… This ain’t art… To hurt a child ain’t music .. I speak for that innocent child…

This is absolute rubbish . You can’t do this abroad… Child agencies in Nigeria should take note… It should never be a normal thing.. Soon child pornography will be a norm… In the name of art.


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  1. U mean to tell me some people praised this pic? How? I’m sure its people with nicotine brains sha. Irresponsible piece of cow dung.

  2. She couldn’t have said it any better. This is so wrong. I remember I mentioned it when Cynthia first released this photo.

  3. Caroline are u any better?buh Cynthia u nor try Ohh,still love u though,Cynthia this literally shows how bad of a mother u will be,might b wrong or right.

  4. Wtf is wrong with Nigerians wetin concern u Caro yellow sisi? Everybody go just dey rant like they are perfect without skeletons in there cupboard. Smh. Notice me things

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