Despite the 630million naira budget see regular meal given at the IDP

This is a regular meal at the IDP, in maiduguri, with a monthly budget of 630million naira, why are we so wicked in Nigeria ? yet, some people make profit out of misfortune, and can go to sleep at night ,is this not a curse?

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No wonder Most of those corrupt fellow dies mischievously.if u believe in Change comment by saying change!!!!



  1. This must stop. The problem we us is that we don’t ask questions. The judiciary system is not helping the matter , the only place a poor man can get justice.

  2. This is nigeria for u,we re the architects of our own misfortunes,we always tends to take advantage of every situation in a bad way

  3. Lmao

    Corruption: the air we breathe, the water we drink, the road we trod, the poos we nack… the synonym of Nigeria

  4. Lucky them, atleast they recieve daily rations unlike Biafran children who were starved to death and the little donated by international charity organizations like Caritas International were poisoned by the “Nigerian” govt.

    We shall never forget!

  5. Whoever is collecting that money should be made to eat that awful food for a year. Why are black people so evil and wicked to themselves?

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