(Episode 22) True Story of a beautiful lady i spotted from afar, her beauty got me attracted

Cassandra: ‘’I thought we agreed on leaving anything concerning sex till marriage?. Why are you bringing up such topic now. I’m so tired please. If you disturb me one more time, I will leave this room for you’’ she threatened vehemently, shocking me with her cold attitude. I instantly felt very bad.
With deep pain, i came to the conclusion that she certainly had no sexual attraction or should i say feelings for me. It wasn’t the first, second nor third time we were sleeping together, yet nothing. Not even a hot romance. All the things my sister fed me about her slowly came into my head.

Cassandra: ‘’should I sleep or are you still bent on disturbing me?’’ she asked to know her position.

David: ‘’you are not a virgin. Are you?’’ I asked , surprising her with the question.

David: ‘’I have met your family. I sponsor you in everything. I’m ready to do much more for you. You very much know my intentions are genuine. Why then are you bent of starving me of the only thing that can solidify our relationship?. I know for a fact that you are not a virgin. I equally have heard stories about you. Yet I shut my heart to the stories and still stayed with you. Anyway it’s all well. There isn’t any need leaving. I will leave the room for you to enjoy your sleep’’ I breathed and stood up to leave.
I meant every word i said to her. I said everything with a clear head and even though I opened up my feelings bravely. I wasn’t really leaving the room with a brave heart but with a failed spirit. I badly needed the sex and I couldn’t afford spending one more night with her without it. Moreover it wasn’t as if she was a virgin or a religious girl.

Cassandra: ‘’you don’t have to leave Dave. Fine lets do it’’ I heard her say as I headed towards the door. I couldn’t believe my ears…

Dave: ‘’what?’’ I stammered as I faced her , not knowing what to make of her words.

Cassandra: ‘’you heard me right. Let’s do it’’ she said once again, pulling off her night wear. I stared at her suspiciously, a bit indecisive and confused. I badly wanted the sex but the way by which she was offering it wasn’t encouraging at all. It was as if she was doing it under duress. There wasn’t any doubt she was offering her body against her will but the sight of Cassandra, naked before me was so much to be ignored. It really was a very rare sight.

I drew close and sat on the bed, reaching forward to grab her shoulders. My heart pounded furiously as I kissed her jaw.

David: ‘’please don’t take this the wrong way. You mean so much to me. You are my life. You are my woman. You are my everything’’ I breathed, taking my lips down to her left breast. I couldn’t help but groan with wondrous pleasure as I tasted it for the first time.

Cassandra: ‘’I’m really tired. Please just make it snappy.’’ I heard her say a bit coldly. I raised up my face to stare at her but her eyes seemed to be far away.. It was just as if her body was with me while her soul was somewhere else.

On a very good day, I would have pulled away from her. I would have stopped and left the room but I badly needed her. I badly needed the sex no matter how it was offered.
I tried to fondle her breasts but she quickly stopped me.
Cassandra: ‘’please just fuck me fast. I want to get done with it and sleep’’ she said as if it was just a business transaction going on between us. There wasn’t any emotion nor feelings in her voice. It was just so cold and dry.

David: ‘’why are you like this?’’ I heard myself ask.

David: ‘’you don’t love me. You are not happy. Should I stop?’’ I kind of asked ,like a school boy. She scoffed and stared at me for some seconds.

Cassandra: ‘’no don’t stop. Just do it’’ she breathed slowly while I quickly undressed, fetched a condom, pulled it on and slowly climbed on top her via the good old missionary. She closed her eyes as she felt my slow penetration.

I did my thing for about six minutes before emptying my seed. I quickly pulled away from her, breathing heavily. To be frank nothing was really exciting about the sex. It was just a mere physical exercise on my part. There was no romance, no love words, no caresses. Nothing. Seriously the sex we had was even way below what hookers in the street do give out as short time. I just was unsatisfied and unhappy. Nevertheless , I pretended and forced out a smile.

David: ‘’it was wonderful. Thanks’’ I said softly while she said nothing, instead got up and headed to the toilet. She returned a minute later and slowly went to sleep , leaving me to ponder over her attitude all night.

Early the next morning, I woke up to see Cassandra dressing up. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I really couldn’t make out what was happening.
I quickly got up and stared at her curiously.

David: ‘’Cassandra my love. What’s going on?. Where are you dressing to?’’ I asked curiously. She gave me a cold look before answering.

Cassandra: ‘’I’m leaving. I’m going back to my school. It’s over between us. I have already paid for all you did for me. You had your way with me last night and I believe I now owe you nothing. You never loved me. All you wanted was sex and you robbed it on my face last night by reminding me all you did for me, fully knowing the vow I made to God concerning sex. I have paid you back with my body and so it’s over between us. Good bye’’ she poured out, shocking me with her words. I couldn’t believe a damn thing.

David: ‘’what!’’ I screamed with disbelief.

Cassandra: ‘’oh yes, you heard me right’’ she fired back as we stared at each other with red eyes…

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  1. lol ..@To be frank nothing was really exciting about the sex. It was just a mere physical exercise on my part. There was no romance, no love words, no caresses. Nothing. Seriously the sex we had was even way below what hookers in the street do give out as short time. I just was unsatisfied and unhappy.

  2. Gbesee, so tell me sAy ur close to 200,000 don enter voice mail, yeepaa reepaa, I just dey wonder d grade way ur mumu be.

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