(Episode 25) True Story of a beautiful lady i spotted from afar, her beauty got me attracted

Cassandra: ”you deserve all the good things in the world. you are such a nice person. you have done so much for me. You changed my life. I appreciate it all” she breathed, bent and pressed her chest to mine.

Oh i suddenly saw myself in heaven. i saw myself among angels as the breeze of pleasure blew my entire body.

Cassandra: ”call my name” she demanded softly.

David: ”Cassandra my love” i breathed,

Cassandra: ”again” she demanded, tasting my mouth, jaw, cheeks and entire face with her tongue. she licked me dry like a giant dog. It was so wondrous, so passionate and so awesome. I haven’t experienced anything like it before.

David: ”oh my Cassandra” i breathed again and again as she worked on my body with great attention.

Cassandra: ”so what do you want from me right now?” she demanded swiftly, opening my shirt like a pro and massaging the bare chest with her hands.

David: ”please let’s make love. let’s have a night of passion. let’s take our relationship to the next level” I stammered with quick breathe. she kept quiet for a while before taking off her night wear.

Cassandra: ”i hope you still have a condom?” she demanded curiously.

David: ”oh yes yes” i quickly answered. She climbed down from my body , sat on the bed and smiled at me.

Cassandra: ”go get ready because tonight is Going to be hot” she slowly muttered, surprising me a great deal; with her words. i couldn’t believe my ears. i couldn’t make out what was in her mind. It was just so unbelievable. I never imagined Cassandra giving herself to me in such manner.

My love for her multiplied a thousand times over (Do not call me Mr Mumusco again Peeps.. Cassandra is mine now LOL)


David: ”thank you Cassandra” i stammered. It seemed as if i was dreaming. It just looked so unreal. I was finally in control of her mind, body and soul. So i reasoned.

David: ”thank you God” i breathed over and over as i rode her swiftly, taking my time to take her to the extreme with my superb moves.


An hour later, we fell beside each other, totally spent and exhausted. The love i had for her this time around was way more than what i felt for her in the past. This new love was so strong that i could even starve myself for a week just to provide all her needs and make her happy.

Cassandra: ”there isn’t any need starving you of sex anymore since the vow i made to God has been broken already” she breathed as she played with my chest.

David: ”i really wish there is something i can do to compensate you for it. I really will do anything and I’m serious about it” I said with all sincerity.

Cassandra: ”what if there is really something i know you can do?” she suddenly added, placing her head on my chest and leaving me wondering what her next demand could be.

As for the sex. I totally enjoyed every bit of it and what i felt now was very much stronger than what i felt for her in the past.

Cassandra: ‘’my dear let’s just sleep. There is nothing in my head right now than to sleep’’ Cassandra breathed deeply. I smiled and kissed her with satisfaction.

David: ‘’very well then. Lets sleep’’ I said softly, closing my eyes with great happiness and satisfaction. I slept with a very happy and relaxed mind.


I woke up the next morning to hear my door bell ringing. I lazily yawned as I got up from the bed, wondering who could be at my door so early in the day.

David: ‘’who could it be?’’ I wondered as I made my way to the sitting room, using the opportunity to take a quick glance at my wall clock. The time read 9:20AM.

On opening the door I was shocked to see the same man I saw with Nora the previous day, looking down at me. I stared at him with disbelief , wondering if I was dreaming or not. He definitely was the last person I expected to see that Sunday morning. I just was so surprised that I couldn’t even say a word to him. Instead I weighed him with my eyes.

The gentleman was much more taller than I was. The manner and way in which he carried himself, clearly told me that he was very rich. Yes very , very rich. I just was so stunned and surprised seeing him at my door step.

The Man: ‘’good morning sir. I’m so sorry for disturbing you so early in the day. Actually I came into town last night and will be traveling this evening, that’s the reason I came so early in order to meet you at home’’ he explained swiftly while I stared at him with a look of suspicion because he was yet to introduce himself.

The Man: ‘’by the way, my name is Charles and I’m Nora’s cousin’’ he quickly introduced himself. I nodded , urging him to go on.

The Man (Nora’s Cousin): ‘’well there are some things I wish to discuss with you concerning Nora and it definitely has to do with her pregnancy and it’s very serious’’ he added when he noticed that I wasn’t eager in letting him into my apartment. But as I heard the reason for his visit, I instantly grew nervous because Cassandra was in my apartment.

David: ‘’listen mister. You cant just show up in a guy’s house so early in the day without even a phone call or invitation to discuss such issue. I’m very busy right now and we cant discuss here. Give me your card or phone number. I will call you around 12pm so that we can meet and discuss somewhere else. Hope you are cool with it?’’ I asked guardedly. He gave me a suspicious look before shrugging and fetching a business card which he gave to me.

Nora’s Cousin: ‘’call me. Please this is important’’ he said and left.

I returned to my room , looking very worried and a bit scared. I couldn’t imagine what the gentleman wanted to discuss with me. There wasn’t any doubt that a guy like him was the type who enjoyed legal issues.

As i opened the door leading to my room, I overheard Cassandra speaking on phone, but then she was already in the process of rounding up the call and all i was able to hear were the words ”GOOD BYE DEAREST”.

However i never paid any serious attention to it because even though the words appeared affectionate in meaning, it could still be used on anyone. Moreover i was still in shock or should i say nervous over the unexpected visit Nora’s cousin just gave me.

David: ‘’of course I thought so. He is a lawyer. How bad can things get?’’ I wondered as I read the words written in the complimentary card i was given.

Cassandra: ‘’hope everything is okay?’’ Cassandra asked curiously as I entered the room with a grave look. I forced out a smile, hiding my fear and pretending that all was well. But then no matter how hard I tried to appear calm, fear still showed all over me. I was filled with great suspense over what Nora was planning with her cousin.


Hours Later

2pm saw me at the exact spot Cassandra and I spent the previous evening. I was back again at ‘’All Seasons Hotel’’ but this time around, it wasn’t for pleasure but for something I just couldn’t fathom.

You guys cant imagine how loud my heart pounded as I made my way to the young man who really insisted I show up at the hotel when I called him as i promised by 12pm.

The tone he used on me, really made me abandon Cassandra and rush over to see him. There wasn’t any doubt he could be my future nightmare.

Nora’s Cousin: ‘’I guess you already know that I’m a lawyer but not only a lawyer but also a human right activist. You had an affair with my cousin, got her pregnant and then felt because you are in Nigeria that you can abandon her to her fate. Right?’’ he quickly asked, studying me with his intelligent eyes while I closed my fist like a guy getting ready for a showdown.

…. Stay tuned to Episode 26

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  1. I think Nora has started to annoy me.. I thought she mentioned not interested having David in her life anymore? i could recall david begging her to amicably resolve their differences which she declined. Why is she sending her cousin to act as a Barrister now.

  2. Choi.. Nora come pour sand for Mr Mumusco garri when he’s ready to eat the fruit of his labour. THere’s God oooo lol

  3. If anything goes wrong between david and cassandra.. fingers should be pointed at Nora. i don’t like what’s she doing now. The guy don suffer enough for Cassandra na

  4. Cassandra de Rifling Machine, u wan kill my guy wit yeye s*x nd finish-up his money abi? But Dave wise-up cos ur Money is in Decline Stage nw nd de ealier u made peace wit guy (Nora’s Cousin) de beta 4 u.

  5. D hand writing is already allover d wall but u dis davidi daft of a mumu guy just dey let woman apple blind ur eye abi? I just dey pity ur money oooooooooooooooooo.

  6. Infact I can see u in my mind’s eye using ur hand dey carry ur toto by d time casablanca casancandra or wetin u call dat girl name finish wit u okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Anyway sha nxt episode……………………………………..

  7. Just to comment on d issue of Nora, I will just say u are only proving dat u are just heartless & a daft 4 not treating ur fuckup responsibly ok. Mumu guy.

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