(Episode 27) True Story of a beautiful lady i spotted from afar, her beauty got me attracted

David: ‘’you are not going anywhere tomorrow. We will stick with the original plan and on Tuesday I will accompany you to your hostel’’ I said seriously, leaving her a bit shocked with my decision.

Cassandra: ‘’is it really necessary accompanying me to my hostel?. What if you run into Edwin there?’’ she asked breathlessly. I smiled and breathed deeply.

David: ‘’my worry isn’t about Edwin but about you. I pray you are not lying to me’’ I muttered, shocking her one more time with my statement. She said nothing else, instead shrugged and forced out a smile.

David: ”but seriously you need to put an end to your friendship with that rascal. I really feel disgusted right now” i added with a serious look.

Cassandra: ”yes i promise to do just that. I will try my best to shun him seriously even though i know it won’t be easy. You really got to understand my situation. I’m really disturbed over this issue. Just take a moment to put yourself in my situation and see how it feels to be embarrassed by such a guy” she added slowly, tears quickly appearing in her eyes. I instantly felt sorry for her but kept my feelings to myself.

Seriously I never knew dating a campus girl could be so difficult and troublesome. But still my feelings for Cassandra remained the same. I had many reasons to doubt her sincerity in some issues but then i believed everyone has a dirty secret or past covered somewhere. What mattered to me the most was that she chose being with me and that counted a lot, moreover i had nothing against her to make me doubt the success of our relationship. She visits at will, performs her duties without being forced and equally was very obedient and calculative .

In order to gain more knowledge on how to follow my relationship with my dear Cassandra and equally learn more about campus life, I used almost all my Monday night reading stories on adelove’s Stories as I desperately searched for a story relating to my problems while Cassandra spent almost all night watching TV.


Finally, Tuesday arrived with a very cold weather. We all quickly prepared for the journey ahead. Yes I was nervous and excited at the same time. I really didn’t know how the journey would end but I was optimistic things would go well.

I gave Cassandra the money I promised for her birthday before we left my house and yes It was a long drive to her school.

The time was 12:15pm when we got to Cassandra’s hostel. A very well structured giant building which stood out in the midst of other houses.

David: ‘’wow this house is so cool’’ I stammered with a smile as we walked in, quickly remembering the rich lifestyle my sister told me about Cassandra.

Cassandra: ‘’you know I really wasn’t expecting you to follow me to my room” I suddenly heard her complain as we entered the compound, but before I could say something, my eyes fell on three young guys who were smoking weed at the extreme end of the large compound, among them was Edwin.

I instantly had the urge to head back to my car as i stared at them but Cassandra quickly held my hand tightly.

Cassandra: ”you have nothing to worry about. Trust me” she said, flashing a quick smile at me but i couldn’t help but notice that she equally was very nervous.

Cassandra: ”Edwin really isn’t much of a violent person. I don’t think he will do anything stupid” she added softly, tightening her grip on my hand.

David: ‘’lets go to your room. He dare not try any nonsense with me’’ I answered with a strong voice as we slowly made our way into the compound.

Luckily it appeared as if we weren’t noticed by Edwin and his gang who were so preoccupied with the weed they were smoking. Because we walked right into the hostel without any of them confronting us or even looking up but instead of being relaxed I became more worried because I greatly suspected that they merely pretended not to notice us due to reasons best known to them ..

David: ‘’I pray they also pretend not to see me when I leave’’ I prayed inwardly while Cassandra flashed me a smile as she stopped in front of a door.

Cassandra: ‘’here we are. Hope you are now satisfied?’’ she asked as she unlocked the door, revealing a well furnished room which looked more like a hotel room than a student’s room.

A sharp 17 inches television set stood by the corner, surrounded by a home theater system, fridge and a tall standing fan. Her rug, mattress and curtain were all of the highest quality and I couldn’t help but gasp as I walked in. I never expected to see so much in her room.

David: ‘’don’t tell me your parents bought all these for you?’’ I asked curiously. She smiled and shook her head.

Cassandra: ‘’not actually but yes most of the things here were bought with my parents money. Just that things have now changed in my family’’ she answered, frowning as she added the last statement.

David: ‘’well at least I have seen where you live and I’m really satisfied’’ I added with a smile while she looked up at me curiously.

Cassandra: ‘’so is there anything else you want to say to me?’’ she asked , drawing close to hold my hands. I shook my head and breathed deeply.

David: ‘’no dear but I have to get going. I have things to do in the shop’’ I answered. She rolled her eyes.

Cassandra: ‘’thanks for everything. Thanks for coming into my life. You are the best’’ she said softly, igniting my emotions with the sweet words. I hugged her tightly for some seconds before heading back to my car with a happy mind.


On getting close to my car, I spotted Edwin sitting on the bonnet. At first my heart froze but I summoned up courage and walked to the car.

Edwin: ‘’finally you are here in my school. You are in my territory flaunting my girl. Tell me what really do you want me to do? ‘’ he said insolently, jumping down from the car bonnet. I scoffed and stared back at him, biting my lips with anger. He laughed and brought out a locally made pistol which he pointed to my mouth.

Edwin: ‘’’you know what I want you to do. I want you to back away. Stay away from my Cassandra or else you will see the bad side of me’’ I threatened seriously, eying the gun.

It really wasn’t as if i was ready to fight him nor willing to be shot at but as a guy i bravely faced him because i knew standing up to him was the only way to get him scared and probably make him back away from Cassandra.

Edwin: ‘’oh I’m scared’’ he shouted and laughed.

Edwin: ‘’you are not the first to play games with me over Cassandra. Mr man please I won’t beg you again. Respect your old age and stay away from my woman. i won’t mind spilling your blood to prove my point’’ he said seriously.

David: ‘’really?. Fine lets watch and see’’ I answered as I opened my car door.

Edwin: ‘’you have a sister right?. Don’t let her pay for what she knows nothing about’’ he added with a cold smile, freezing me with his threat. I felt like stabbing him that moment. I felt like choking life out of the little boy but I held myself because I knew all he wanted was to provoke me so that his friends could join in the fight.

David: ‘’you have made your point. I get it. You are a killer. Kudos’’ I smiled , entered my car and zoomed off.

Yes I was nervous and scared. Yes I was afraid of my sister’s safety but I just couldn’t let go of my Cassandra for the little kid. Every man has a duty to fight and protect his woman and letting go of Cassandra was the last thing on my mind.


Hours Later

just few kilometers to my shop , my phone rang and it was Cassandra calling.

David: ”hi hope you are okay?” i asked,

Cassandra: ‘’No I’m not okay. He has taken all the money. Edwin just took all the money you gave me. I’m finished. My birthday’’ she cried over the phone, leaving me totally speechless.

David: ‘’whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!’’ I roared.

”oh Cassandra”

….. Stay tuned for Episode 28

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  1. David should have called it quit the moment he discovered how expensive Cassandra is living in her apartment. It’s a sign of Runs Girl. Pity the poor Business man

  2. Why is Mr Mumusco shouting ? No be you wan marry Campus Babe.. expensive one wey her eyes don shook for that matter lol

  3. well, I still dey calculate it right now is 240,000 thousand, if maga pay again it gonna be 280,000 and still counting. LOlz

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