A Military Officer Proposed To His Lawyer Girlfriend

In a romantic way never witnessed before at Ikeja city mall, my Tunde, a Nigerian Air Force soldier, went on his knees at Seven Eagles Spur Restaurant at Ikeja City Mall in Lagos, holding a ring, and asked his sweetheart Ayo, who is a lawyer, in front of the filled up restaurant if she wanted to marry him.

The proposal happened on Sunday, 18 October, 2015, at 7 pm. I went to watch a movie and then later to get a snack when I caught a glimpse of my friend and his girlfriend now fiancée.
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Salimonu Babatunde, his full name, had asked restaurant staff to sing for him because he wanted to announce something special.

As he went on his knees with the entire restaurant watching and clapping, Ayo began to shed tears of joy. She said YES.

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