(Episode 29) True Story of a beautiful lady i spotted from afar, her beauty got me attracted

David’s Mom: ‘’This can’t be happening. I feel so uneasy right now’’ my mother breathed as we headed back to my car. I really didn’t know what to think or even say to her. I just wasn’t myself and I couldn’t help but wish that it was all a dream.

David’s Mom: ‘’you should call Nora on phone. Call to see if someone will answer her phone’’ mum insisted as we settled in my car, getting on my nerves with her behavior. I wasn’t in any way comfortable with her actions and if not that I respected her a lot, I would have drove her back to the village without minding her feelings.

David’s Mom: ‘’I said you should call her. Pick up your phone and call her’’ she insisted with a raised tone. I slowly fetched my phone and reluctantly dialed Nora’s number which was quickly answered by her sister.

Nora’s Sister: ‘’’hey good day. I’m glad you called. My sister isn’t feeling too well and we are at the hospital’’ she breathed quickly; describing the true situation of things plus the hospital Nora was admitted.

David: ‘’okay dear, I will be there shortly’’ I promised and hung up while mum smiled with satisfaction.

David’s Mom: ‘’believe me you are doing the right thing my son. I can never lead you to the wrong path. I forgot telling you that I equally had a strange dream last night and it was all centered on you. I don’t know but I really feel as If I have a strange bond with your Nora that I can’t really describe because I’m yet to see her. It’s just as if I have met her in spirit or something’’ she said softly. I scoffed and shrugged unhappily.

David: ‘’damn you old age. Mother please stop’’ I muttered in my mind as I switched on my car engine.


Fifteen minutes later, we arrived at the hospital and quickly made our way to the room where Nora was resting.

Nora was lying down and all alone when we got in but she equally was very much awake. She however looked so pale and weak. There wasn’t any doubt she was very sick. On sighting my mum, she weakly sat up with a smile while my dear mother froze and stared at her as if she was looking at a ghost.

David: ‘’mum here she is, That’s Nora and Nora dear, the lady you are seeing before you is my mother’’ I introduced softly but my mum really didn’t allow me to finish the introduction before going forward and sitting beside Nora who was very stunned and surprised by mother’s show of love. I simply stared at the two women, not knowing what else to say or do.

David’s Mom: ‘’I never knew you were this beautiful’’ mum breathed with great admiration. Nora blushed, throwing a quick look at me. I couldn’t help but wonder what was going through her mind that moment.

David’s Mom: ‘’you look very familiar. You look exactly like the memory that has been in my head since childhood. You really look like my long lost friend ijeoma from Ugiri Clan. We used to be great friends until a very unfortunate event separated us, but till today I still cherish that friendship because it was a friendship forged with genuine sisterly love. Oh dear I’m so sorry for telling you this. You know sometimes we old women talk a lot of unnecessary things’’ my mum quickly muttered, coloring deeply. The color on Nora’s face equally brightened as she stared deeply into my mother’s eyes.

Nora: ‘’no this is unbelievable. My mother is from Ugiri Clan. Her native name is Ijeoma and her father’s name is jideofor’’ she stammered, leaving my mother extremely shocked with the revelation. I equally froze with disbelieve because such a thing only happen in movies. I just couldn’t believe my ears. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. It was as if no matter the direction I faced, destiny and fate still finds a way to put Nora in my path or should I say my future.

David’s Mom: ‘’this is a miracle. Are you sure of what you just said?’’ mum shouted with great happiness, hugging the sick girl with all her strength. I just didn’t know what to do that moment. I didn’t know how to react or feel. There wasn’t any doubt things was going to get more ugly for me if she turns out to be really the daughter of my mother’s long lost friend. I knew women to be very sentimental and with the new weapon in her hand, I sure knew Nora could end up disposing me of my Cassandra even though she was yet to show any interest in fighting for my love. I needed no telling that it was time to tell Cassandra about Nora before someone does it for me but I was just scared of doing anything that could jeopardize our relationship.

David: ‘’ However telling Cassandra the truth could be the only way to find out if she truly loves me’’ I reasoned deeply.

David: ‘’ but Can I risk it all?’’ I wondered over and over as I made up my mind to tell Cassandra the truth that very evening.

Nora’s Sister: ‘’what’s going on here?’’ I soon heard Nora’s younger sister ask as she walked in on us. My mother, Nora and I all turned to face the young girl.

…. Stay tuned to Episode 30

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  1. No matter what you guys preach.. Mr Mumusco will not listen. He has turned deaf ears ONLY to love Cassandra(CASTmeDRY)

  2. Wow! what a small world, what is destined to be must be, Finally ur saviour has arrived @Dave, “Mothers are blessing from God”…….Thank u mama for coming in @ this point of time…….Next episode please.

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